‘My Past Time’ Delivers Cards From My Past Time!!!

Leave it to Alfredo…

As many of my fellow bloggers and blog surfers know, Alfredo of the blog ‘My Past Time, I Love It’ is one of the most, if not the most generous member of our baseball card collecting family!!!

So when he told me that a package was headed my way, I knew it would be something good.  And as usual, Alfredo did not disappoint…

Onto the cards:

2 great cards of one of my favorite Cubs – Mr. Billy Williams

2 beauties featuring Mr. Cub himself – Ernie Banks.  Man that Goudey mini looks great!!!

Pretty cool cards of 2 home run hitting legends that I happen to collect – Reggie Jackson & Darryl Strawberry

And last but certainly not least, 2 cards of Andre Dawson in his Florida Marlins uniform.  The Upper Deck card is a new one for my collection – and gets me one step closer to card #400!!

Thank you Alfredo.  Once again, you have surpassed any and all expectations of what I could have expected!!!






One response to “‘My Past Time’ Delivers Cards From My Past Time!!!

  1. The Upperdeck card is the only card I own of Andre that I’ve noticed he is wearing Nikes. Every other card he is wearing Converse. Have you ever noticed that?

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