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New Subsets To Show Off!!!

With my 1985 Topps #1 Draft Picks subset complete, I sprinted to Ebay to see what other subsets I could find from my favorite decade.

And while the pickings were slim, I did stumble upon a few that I was able to scoop up for very low prices.

Without giving all of the details away, here are a few hints as to what you can expect to be seeing from me and ’30-YOC’ over the course of the off-season….

Nice, that one looks familiar…

Kinda cool – Has a nice Miami Vice-ish 80’s vibe going on…

Another one that I’ve seen before.  It should be good!!!

Ahhhhh.  Perfecto!!!

Let me say that going after these subsets has been a blast.  Whether it is collecting them card by card or getting lucky enough to find them completed and affordable, each and every one of these has brought back some wonderful memories of the stars of the 1980’s.

I look forward to sharing many more of these with you in the future.  Thanks.

1989 Topps Greg Maddux

1989 Topps Greg Maddux

Is this the best looking Greg Maddux card ever made?  One would find it hard to argue against it, that’s for sure!!!

With a classic and basic design that would have worked decades prior to its release, the 1989 Topps issue has the look and feel of a vintage baseball card set.

And this Greg Maddux card is one of its treasures!!!

With Wrigley Field’s wall of ivy as the backdrop, Maddux’s image leaps off of the card.  The action shot has been frozen at the highest point of his pitching motion capturing him in a way that only hitters, catchers, and umpires had seen prior.  The color scheme and old-school script work well together and both elements scream Chicago Cubs!

I am so happy to finally add this card to my Greg Maddux player collection!!! 

Maddux 89T

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #21

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #21

1972 Topps – Card #474 – AKA – ‘The Don Baylor Rookie Card’

Don Baylor – The leagues MVP in 1979 had a wonderful 19-year major league baseball career.  Baylor was a power hitter as he connected for 338 home runs during his playing days.  And amazingly, Baylor also stole 285 bases!  In 10 of his 19 seasons Baylor reached double figures in both home runs and stolen bases; 4 of which were 20/20.  Baylor won a World Series championship as a member of the Twins in 1987.

Roric Harrison – A 5-season veteran, Harrison played for 4 different teams in that short time.  With a career record of 30-35, Harrison also tallied 10 career saves.  Harrison was never able to solidify a spot as a starter or relief pitcher and by 1978 his professional career was complete.

Johnny Oates – The 10th pick in the 1967 draft, Oates enjoyed a 11-year career in the big leagues.  A career .250 hitter, Oates amassed just 410 hits.  Of his offensive stats, the most impressive would be his 149 strikeouts in 1,820 plate appearances!