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I’m Going To A Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!

Just a few short weeks ago I attended a new baseball card show in the city that I live in.  I went into that show with few expectations, and while I walked away with some good cards, my overall experience at the show was one I would rather forget.  If you want to re-live that experience, you can by clicking here.

So I’m heading back to Dania this weekend for what will be my final card show of 2009.  My last trip to the Dania show was also one I would rather forget so I am giving it one last shot in 2009.

This time I am going to be bringing a specific list of cards I want to try to find.  I am hoping that this strategy works as the last time I went looking for nothing specific and that plan backfired.

What’s on this ‘wish list’ you ask?  Oh, I don’t know, just this stuff:

  1. 1987 Donruss or Topps Traded Greg Maddux rookie card
  2. 1982 Topps Lee Smith rookie card
  3. Any 1970’s Jim Palmer card for my player collection
  4. A Game-used Andre Dawson card
  5. Cards for TTM both for off-season and in-season attempts
  6. Modern Fergie Jenkins cards
  7. 1983 Topps Traded Darryl Strawberry rookie card
  8. 1980’s subsets from the major brands

 Stay tuned for a full report of the show on Monday.  I’ll let you know how I did with my shopping list as well as show you everything else that I picked up too.

Andre Dawson 2002 Flair Greats

Andre Dawson 2002 Flair Greats

Some of these vintage-esque cards issued in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s are impressive.  The 2002 Flair set qualifies!!!

This card is so much better looking in person than in the below scan.  The cardstock is thick, and the glossy finish is perfect.

I love what the photographer has captured for us here – Andre is watching the ball he just crushed!!!  As he is getting ready to drop his bat and sprint towards first base, I have to wonder if he reached base safely on this play.  Something tells me that the answer is a resounding – YES!!!

Dawson Flair Greats

Did You Know…

Ted Williams won the American League Triple Crown in both 1942 and 1947 but finished second in the MVP voting both times.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Joe DiMaggio topped Williams in each of those seasons.  And while I have seen the stats that Joe D. put up – I am not sure that anything is more impressive on offense than the Triple Crown.

Happy Birthday Lee Smith!!!

Lee Smith turns 52 years old today.

I am a big fan of Lee Smith’s – he is one of my favorite relief pitchers of all-time.

With 478 career saves, good for 3rd place in major league history, I consider Smith to still be a very underrated and underappreciated player.  And with so many records being broken by today’s group of relievers, I have to wonder how Smith would do if he was playing in today’s game.

During his 18-year career, Smith tallied at least 30 saves 11 times and 40 or more saves 4 times.  A closer like that would be an All-star in today’s game and he’d be earning a minimum of $10 million per year.  In contrast, Smith was an All-star just 7 times and the most he made in any one season was $2.8 million.

Happy Birthday Mr. Smith!!!   You are still valued and appreciated by this baseball fan!!!