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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #22

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #22

1967 Topps – Card #581 – AKA – ‘The Tom Seaver Rookie Card’

Bill Denehy – Denehy’s career lasted 3 brief seasons.  He appeared in 49 games and finished his career with a 1-10 record along with 1 save.  His high ERA of 4.56 coupled with his 63:61 K:walk ratio assisted in his quick exit from the big leagues.

Tom Seaver – Seaver was a Rookie of the Year winner, a 3-time Cy Young award winner, and a member of the 1969 World Series Champion New York Mets.  His Hall of Fame resume includes 311 wins, a career 2.86 ERA, 3,640 strikeouts and being a 12-time All-star.  Seaver was one of the most dominant pitchers in the 1970’s – and he deservedly earned the nickname ‘Tom Terrific’!

1983 Fleer Jim Palmer

1983 Fleer Jim Palmer

By 1983 Jim Palmer had already established a Hall of Fame resume that was unmatched by many of the sport’s greatest pitchers.  The picture of consistency, Palmer and his collection of Cy Young Awards and World Series titles made him a fan favorite both in Baltimore and around the baseball world.

Palmer had also become quite an attraction for the ladies.  With his good looks, great hair, and heroic baseball achievements, Palmer became a sex symbol in the sport the same way that Derek Jeter is today.

Something tells me that the photo editor for the 1983 Fleer baseball card set was a lady…

Palmer 83F

11 More TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

I told you I was serious…

It took me a little time to get organized, but now that I am, I will be going on another autograph through the mail request spree!!!

For this round, I am hitting up a few guys for a second time but also going after many new ones too.

I just got home from dropping these off at the post office:

The players:  Steve Avery, Fernando Valenzuela, Kelly Gruber, Jeff Kent, Don Mattingly, Bill Russell, Lee Smith, Don Zimmer, Bobby Thomson, Ron Cey, and Jeff Reardon.

And like always, I will share each and every success and failure with you as they are returned back to me.

And if all goes according to plan, I should be able to put together another round of mail after I attend a baseball card show this weekend and scoop up some more cards.

Wish me luck!!!!

1984 Headline: A’s Ship Henderson To Yankees

1984 Headline: A’s Ship Henderson To Yankees

Back in the 1980’s you didn’t get same kind of media attention given to the players and teams of today.  Between the new age of provocative journalism and the players themselves providing personal updates via web-based outlets, there is very little that we miss.  But back in the 80’s things were different and that is why this trade bothers me 25+ years later…

Rickey Henderson has been traded by the Oakland Athletics with Bert Bradley and cash to the New York Yankees for Tim Birtsas, Jay Howell, Stan Javier, Eric Plunk, and Jose Rijo.

While the A’s didn’t just get bodies, they really didn’t get much in return for one of the game’s biggest stars either…

By this point of his career Rickey had solidified himself as the game’s top lead-off hitter and base stealer.  He was a scoring machine and his near .400 OBS was a key to many wins for the A’s.

Something tells me that there is more to the story, but we may never know…  But what I do know is that if an All-star gets traded in the prime of his career in 2009 we know each and every detail within hours!!