11 More TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

I told you I was serious…

It took me a little time to get organized, but now that I am, I will be going on another autograph through the mail request spree!!!

For this round, I am hitting up a few guys for a second time but also going after many new ones too.

I just got home from dropping these off at the post office:

The players:  Steve Avery, Fernando Valenzuela, Kelly Gruber, Jeff Kent, Don Mattingly, Bill Russell, Lee Smith, Don Zimmer, Bobby Thomson, Ron Cey, and Jeff Reardon.

And like always, I will share each and every success and failure with you as they are returned back to me.

And if all goes according to plan, I should be able to put together another round of mail after I attend a baseball card show this weekend and scoop up some more cards.

Wish me luck!!!!

4 responses to “11 More TTM Requests Are In The Mail!!!

  1. Good luck man! I got Valenzuela back after about 2 weeks. He only auto’d one of the two I sent, but the autograph looks great! Goodluck with them all.

  2. what show are you going to this weekend?

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