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Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Handfuls Of Dawson

There is one, just one, dealer at these shows that I visit each and every time I attend.  And while we’re not on a first name basis, he does know that I collect Dawson and keeps them in a separate box for me to peruse.

When I saw him, he got the box out and I dove in.

What you see below is the full lot of what I picked up:

18 new cards for my Andre Dawson collection.  And a few more for another blogger/friend that values ‘The Hawk’ as much as I do!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Frank Robinson Game-Used Jersey Card

Frank Robinson Game-Used Jersey Card

One of the guys at the show had box after box with signs that read ‘Auto and Game-Used Cards – $5’.

I immediately jumped into the baseball box he had and scanned through each and every one.  I was on the hunt for Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins but what I ended up finding was a lot of stuff from guys that I had never heard of.

Then I found this card.  And I have heard of him before…

Are you kidding me??  $5 for a game-used jersey card of Mr. Frank Robinson???  All-day, Every-day!!!

I cannot put into words how happy I am to have found this one.  I respect and value Robinson’s contributions to the game.  He was an immensely talented player, and if I had to rank who I thought the best of all-time was, he would be in the Top 10.!!!

What a great $5 treat!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – 1966 Topps Home Run League Leaders Card Starring 3 Hall Of Famers!!

1966 Topps Home Run League Leaders Card Starring 3 Hall Of Famers!!

Amazingly, this is the first ‘set’ card of Billy Williams that I have added to my player collection in over a year…  I know, I am slacking.  And I’ll fix it!!

This card celebrates the highest home run totals amassed in the National League during the 1965 baseball season.

Here is how they ranked:

  1. Willie Mays – 52
  2. Willie McCovey – 39
  3. Billy Williams – 34

That’s a lot of Wills, huh…  🙂

And for the record, this is the very first card I have ever owned of either Mays or McCovey.  A very nice bonus to being a Billy Williams player collector!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1992 Upper Deck Ted Williams Baseball Heroes Subset

1992 Upper Deck Ted Williams Baseball Heroes Subset

I only paid $1.00 for this set…  And I didn’t have to lie, cheat, or steal to get that price.

This set is great.  There is a ton of history packed onto these 10 cards.  And if anyone wanted to gain an instant education on one of the game’s greatest players, this set will deliver!!!

Stay tuned, I plan on dedicating a full day’s worth of posts to show this entire set to you.  You’ll like it – Trust me!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – 2 Modern Day, But Vintage Inspired Jim Palmer Cards

2 Modern Day, But Vintage Inspired Jim Palmer Cards

I am a sucker for modern-day cards of the players I cherish.

Not too many people will sift through 3200 count box after 3200 count box of new cards looking for players of yesteryear.  Everyone wants Pujols or Ichiro or Jeter or Utley.  But while they’re digging through boxes looking for those guys, I am blazing right past them searching for cards like these two beauties…


Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – 1982 Topps Lee Smith Rookie Card

1982 Topps Lee Smith Rookie Card


I have been wanting one of these for quite some time.  And while I could scoop one up on Ebay or any other online commerce site, I wanted to grab one in person.

I don’t know…  I mean, the card is not the most appealing one out there.  And the ’82 design is not going to garner and prizes either.

I have seen the Topps Archive version of this card so many times at these shows that I guess that I just liked the chase…  maybe that is it!?!

What I do know is that I am happy to finally add this card to my collection.

Hmmmm….  What will I chase next??

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Baseball Heroes Subset

1991 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan Baseball Heroes Subset

I scored this 10-card subset for the very reasonable price of $1.00.

The cards are great, and each one celebrates an event in Ryan’s career that was noteworthy and historic. 

One day, I will post the entire series for a career retrospective!!!

I do find it a little odd that Upper Deck made a set like this for an active player.  With so many legends to choose from, and a few Ryan milestones still to come, I wonder why they decided on him and not someone else.

Trust me, I am not complaining, just curious…  This set is great!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – 1973 Topps Jim Palmer

1973 Topps Jim Palmer

A double – OOPS!!!

I thought this card looked familiar….  Oh well.  This one is in better condition than the one I previously owned so I will classify this as an upgrade versus mistake…

If anyone out there needs a ’73 Topps Jim Palmer for their collection, let me know.  We can work out a deal!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Cards Of My New Best Friend, Mr. Bob Feller

Cards Of My New Best Friend, Mr. Bob Feller

I purposely kept a look out for cards of Bob Feller while digging through boxes.

When I met him last week, I gave him a card – the only one I had of him – a 2008 Donruss Threads.   He seemed genuinely thankful for the card and even commented about the photo and when the picture was taken.

I am planning on sending the picture of him and I that I had taken and I figured I would throw in a few more bonuses for him as well…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – 1985 Topps Eddie Murray

1985 Topps Eddie Murray

When a card dealer works to organize his cards so they can be shopped easily, I take more time to see what they have.

And as a player collector, if the cards are sorted by player I am in heaven as I can jump right to where I need to be.

So when I saw that one of the dealers had a tab labeled ‘Eddie Murray’ on it, I jumped right in.

I rifled through card after card and this is what popped out:

And while none of the cards were marked with a price or had a label on the box with the cost, I was not dismayed.  I reached into my pocket, pulled out a quarter, asked the guy if he would take it, and left a happy man!!!

One more Eddie Murray card for my collection – SWEET!!!