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Eddie Murray 1984 Donruss Diamond King

 Eddie Murray 1984 Donruss Diamond King

 Oh my.

Just another in the growing line of Diamond Kings cards that I thought was cool back when it was released.  But 25 years later and this one turns my stomach…

I am happy to have this card in my Eddie Murray collection now.  But I am even happier that I don’t have to seek it out any longer!!

Murray 84D

Did You Know….

Three former major-leaguers have been both fathers and grandfathers to major leaguers.  Ray Boone fathered Bob, who is the father of Aaron and Bret.  Gus Bell was Buddy Bell’s dad, and Buddy’s kids include David and Mike.  Sammy Hairston’s son Jerry is father to Jerry Jr. and Scott.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

Happy Birthday Mike Mussina!!!

Mike Mussina turns 41 years old today.

Although Mussina has rarely been mentioned as one of the greatest pitcher’s from his era, his numbers are quite impressive.  Having played his entire career for just 2 teams – the Orioles and Yankees – Mussina has compiled some pretty solid stats.

In his 17 years as a full-time starting pitcher,  Mussina recorded double-digit wins in each season.  The most impressive part of this is that accomplished this while playing for a Baltimore Orioles team that was terrible for most of Mussina’s early years with the team.  With a lifetime win/loss record of 270 & 153, ‘The Moose’ finished his career with a very solid 63% winning percentage.

Mike Mussina was only selected as an All-Star 5 times during his playing days; but he did finish in the Top 6 for the Cy Young Award a very respectable 9 times.  Again, this is very impressive for a player that was never known as a dominant pitcher.  Clearly, his reputation as a solid pitcher that was going to give you good innings helped his cause for being one of the decade’s greats.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mussina!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Johnny Bench!!

My apologies to Mr. Bench.  I missed his 62nd birthday yesterday so I could dedicate the day’s posts to my baseball card show experience from the weekend…

Bench is one of the greatest players from the 1970’s and possibly the greatest catcher in the history of the game. 

His impressive career includes World Series Championships, MVP trophies, and an endless string of offensive and defensive accolades a mile long.

Happy Birthday Mr. Bench.  I am sorry for missing your big day and I promise that it won’t happen again(unless there is another card show in town…)