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1984 Topps Active ERA Leaders Featuring Jim Palmer

 1984 Topps Active ERA Leaders Featuring Jim Palmer

The 1984 Topps base set featured a small handful of career achievement cards.  The sport was going through a small transition as many of the top veterans in the game(many of which debuted in the 60’s) were on their way to retirement.

This card features the top 3 active pitchers in the American League with the best ERA.  Jim Palmer led the pack with a low 2.83 ERA, followed by reliever Rollie Fingers and his 2.86, and rounding out the trio was Ron Guidry and his 2.99 average.

Of the 3, both Palmer and Fingers ended up in the Hall of Fame.  1 as a starting pitcher and 1 as a reliever; each of these players dominated their sport!!!

Palmer 84T AL

1973 Headline: Santo Traded To The Other Team In Chicago

On this day in 1973, Ron Santo was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Chicago White Sox.

After 14 glorious seasons in which he called Wrigley Field home, Ron Santo was traded to the White Sox where he would play his 15th and final season in the big leagues.

During his time with the Cubs, Santo established himself as one of the best third basemen in all of baseball.  A 9-time All-star and winner of 5 consecutive Gold Glove awards, Santo was a fan favorite.  As the team started to tear apart it’s core, Santo was gone along with Fergie Jenkins and Billy Williams.

In that 1 year he played for the White Sox, Santo hardly lived up to his reputation.  At just 34 years of age, his prime was past him.  Gone were the double-digit home runs and gone were the 80+ RBI tallies.  Still, Santo enjoyed one more year in the city he loved.  And the fans showered him with appreciation!!!

Happy Anniversary Joe DiMaggio!!!

The power of Joe DiMaggio’s name still carries an incredible amount of weight with it 58 years after his retirement from the game.  “Joe D” personified what baseball and specifically what baseball in New York was all about during the 1930’s and 1940’s. 

Amazingly DiMaggio’s legendary status was built on just 13 seasons as a major leaguer.  Joe missed 3 seasons during the prime of his career due to his commitment to serve his country.  Many players from his era fought in the war and it always makes me wonder what we as fans missed during those years when these guys were away from the game.

In 13 seasons, ‘The Yankee Clipper’ finished in the Top 12 for the MVP in 11 seasons.  The numbers are pretty impressive:  (3) 1st place finishes, (2) 2nd place finishes.  Along with these honors, Joe DiMaggio compiled 2,214 career hits with 361 home runs and 1,537 RBI.  Joe also made the All-Star team in each of his 13 years in the majors.  WoW!!!  The Gold Glove was not awarded during Joe’s playing days, but if it had been he would own quite a few as his range in the outfield was unparalleled back then.

One of the main factors of DiMaggio’s fame was due to his incredible World Series accomplishments.  Joe played in 10 World Series contests, and won 9 championships!!! 

And then, there is a little thing known as baseball’s grandest milestone – “The Streak”.  In 1941, DiMaggio hit safely in 56 consecutive games.  Since then, only 1 player has hit safely in 40+ games and nobody has come close to 50 again. 

Joe DiMaggio is a true legend in the game of baseball and today we salute him for his amazing career and desire to be the best player in the game.