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Bye-Bye Baby Bottles!!!

Those of you with kids probably know where I am going with this…

My youngest son is 16-months old.  Typically a baby moves from formula to milk around 12 months.  The age may vary slightly, but as a rule, 12 months is when that transition occurs.

However, with my son he had formula issues from the age of 7 months and on…  What started as a bout with gas that turned into a change in formula eventually led to us having to try 3 more options before finally finding the one that he eventually stayed with.  And you know that it has to be the most expensive one in the smallest can – Nutramigin is a name I will never forget!!

At 12 months, we tried milk and it upset his stomach to the point that he was unable to keep any amount down.  The doctor instructed us to keep him on the Nutramigin for 3-4 more months to build him up and we’ll go from there.

And today is now graduation day.  We can pack up the bottles and move on.  He has been tearing up real food for months now and no longer needs to consume formula!!!  What a relief!!!  He can eat yogurt like a champ and will even drink the children’s smoothies that they have now.  As long as he continues to consume other forms of dairy he will be fine…

So, what does that mean for me?  Why would I share a story like this on a baseball and baseball card related blog???

It’s simple actually.  6 cans of formula turns into a $150 monthly bill.  Now all of a sudden that vanishes and there is a little more money around to be had…  And something tells me there are a few sellers on Ebay that wouldn’t mind a little business…  Let’s shop!!!!

1989 Topps Darryl Strawberry

1989 Topps Darryl Strawberry

I love this card.  If I had to choose 1 card of Darryl that I own and could have signed, this would be the one. 

A classic card design featuring a full-body action photo is all that it takes to make this collector happy.  And the ’89 Topps card does the job!!!

1989 was a forgettable season for Straw.  Hitting just .225 with 107 hits in 134 games, Darryl was not himself.  Although he still hit a handful of home runs with 29 and also stealing 11 bases, Darryl was just not the same guy at the plate that he had been in prior years. 

Luckily he quickly regained his stride in the 1990 season!!!

Straw 89T

Happy Birthday Craig Biggio!!!

Craig Biggio turns 44 years old today.

A true baseball star, Biggio shined during his 20 seasons with the Houston Astros.  And while he was never classified as the best player in the game, and at times not even the best player on his own team, Craig Biggio may end up being a first ballot Hall of Famer!!

A member of the 3,000 hits club, a 7-time All-star, a 5-time Gold Glove winner, and a 4-time Silver Slugger winner, Biggio’s all-around game made him a a fan favorite and hero in the Houston area for 20 years.

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was scooping up his rookie cards – it’s hard to believe that he is now 44 years old.

Happy Birthday Mr. Biggio!!