1987 Donruss Eddie Murray

1987 Donruss Eddie Murray

Hardly worth showing off, but trying to stay true to my commitment of honoring Eddie and each of his cards from his days with the Orioles, cards like the 1987 Donruss issue make that task a little less enjoyable.

I like the ’87 design.  It’s not my favorite, but it is definitely not their worst work either.  But the photo choice for this card is just terrible.  I mean, zoom out.  Seriously…

Here we have one of the game’s greatest hitters and Donruss chooses this close-up as their picture for a baseball card set people will be collecting all year-long.  I know that they may want to hold certain images for certain issues, but this is their flagship, their bread-and-butter if you will…  And they failed miserably.

The only great thing about adding this card to my collection is that I can add a ‘Y’ to my ‘Own It’ column on my Eddie Murray checklist!!!  Otherwise – YUCK!!!

Murray 87D

4 responses to “1987 Donruss Eddie Murray

  1. Yeah, better to see him playing. Save the close up Olan Mills shots for rookie cards, I say.

    As I always say, any Eddie is a good Eddie. I don’t really say that but I would though.

  2. Eddie is truely an underrated collectible player.

  3. Sadly, probably a full 35-40% of the 1987 Donruss set was closeups, either from the waist or shoulders up. The color was outstanding considering how muddy 1986 was, but the photo selection was terrible. I barely even want to see a card of Phil Lombardi or Ken Gerhart. Do I really need him all up in my business, staring out of his card all “hey…whatcha doin’ out there? Those Doritos? Can I have some?”

    Back off, Ken Gerhart!

  4. What exactly is Murray wearing under his uni? Looks like a leopard-print T-shirt?!?!?

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