TTM Success: Don Zimmer!!!

Former Chicago Cubs manager, Don Zimmer, returned all 4 cards I sent to him in just 7 days!!  And all 4 were signed too…

This was the third time I tried to get Zimmer’s autograph in the last 16 months.   The first attempt is still somewhere in the mail stream somewhere.  The second try is sitting in someone’s office in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, and now this 3rd attempt is home safe with me.  And I am thrilled!!!

Zimmer was the manager of the Cubs when I moved to Chicago back in ’89.  That team went on to win the pennant that year and it was fun to watch Zim celebrate his team’s success.  I have very fond memories of that squad, and they are one of my favorite rosters of all-time.

Thank you Coach Zimmer.  You have made this Cubs fan very proud!!!

10 responses to “TTM Success: Don Zimmer!!!

  1. wow, you are lucky to have gotten them signed! he’s a tough one to get these days mainly due to his age and health i would think. very, very cool!

  2. if you ever want to trade one of those don’s please think of me first!!

  3. Nice signatures! Amazing as old as he is how nice he signs. Zim is still my favorite Cub manager of all-time. I want to get one of his cards from his playing days.

  4. Hey Brian, if you get the chance would you mind emailing me the address you used. I have a few of his cards from his playing days that are just begging to get graphed.

  5. There’s always been a raging debate if these are signed by him or by his wife.

  6. I’d have to think they might be Mrs. Don Zimmer autographs… they don’t look like the certified ones that I’ve seen.

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  8. Greg R Widener

    Those are authentic autographs,been collecting for over 20 years and personalty met Mr. Zimmer at a Cubs function back in 1983.

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