Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

TTM Success: Jeff Reardon!!!

It took just 8 days for Jeff Reardon to return all 4 cards I sent him – and they are signed perfectly!!

Reardon lives roughly 40 miles North of me.  It’s nice to see how quickly these cards came back.

Jeff Reardon enjoyed a solid 16-year career in the big leagues and was a big-time closer for more than a decade.  While playing for 7 teams, he collected 367 saves and compiled a record of 73-77.  Back when 30 saves was something to brag about, Reardon was surpassing that goal regularly.  In total he had 7 seasons of 30 or more saves, with 3 of them reaching the 40-mark.

Jeff Reardon has a neat signature.  I have never seen a ‘J’ like that before and if you examine it closely it kind of looks like a ‘J’ and a ‘G’ are written on top of each other…

Thanks for the great autographs Mr. Reardon!!!

Great Cards From 1 Andre Dawson Fan To Another…

While no Andre Dawson cards were part of this great package, Charley, creator of the blog ‘Andre Dawson for the Baseball Hall of Fame’, sent me a large group of cards that are a perfect fit for me and my player collections.

Starting with a big handful of Eddie Murray wearing the team colors of the Baltimore Orioles, LA Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, and New York Mets.

From there he put together a nice collection of Greg Maddux cards from his playing days with the Atlanta Braves…

…as well as a nice stack of cards with Maddux wearing his ‘Cubbie Blue’.

And lastly, 2 cards to help me complete my Greg Maddux player collection!!

Thanks for the great cards Charlie.  This was a nice way to celebrate one Hall of Famer and another surefire Hall of Famer as well!!!

I hope you like the package of cards I put together for you….  🙂

Andre Dawson 1988 Fleer Baseball’s League Leaders

Andre Dawson 1988 Fleer Baseball’s League Leaders

I picked up this ‘oddball’ in a recent shopping bonanza on www.sportlots.com.

The card is rather dull, and I battled between showing it off or just throwing it into a top-loader and into my Dawson collection.

I decided to show it to you, but for a different reason.  I want to show you what NOT to do if you are a baseball card company.

I am only going to examine the top 1/8 of the card because that is enough to classify this little subset as a failure…

Dawson 88F LL

There is so much crap going on in that little header space of the card that the collector just gets lost in what Fleer has tried to present.  First you have the pinstripes, which are a nice baseball themed addition, but their coloring and thickness don’t really add anything to this specific design.  And then there is the text.  2 colors and 3 sizes is just too random.  It looks pasted together and nothing flows.

Am I happy to add this card to my collection?  Of course – I am always excited to add a new Andre Dawson card to my PC.  But this card is bad, really bad!!  And that is not the ‘bad’ that once meant good either…  🙂

Did You Know…

In 1931, Chick Hafey of the St. Louis Cardinals became the first batting champion to wear glasses.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – Just a personal ‘Thank You’ to Mr. Hafey for helping keep us ‘bespectacled’ guys on par with the rest of the world!!!