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TTM Success: Fernando Valenzuela!!!

All it took was 8 short days for this baseball card to make a trip from Florida to California and then back to Florida.

And along the way, it stopped off to visit the 1981 Rookie of the Year and Cy Young award winner!  And before heading home, ‘El Toro’ signed the card beautifully.

I have always been a fan of Mr. Valenzuela’s and I have distinct memories of being happy for him when the Dodgers won the World Series in 1988.

And I have to say that the 1987 Topps card looks great signed.  Sure, there are some cards that are part of the set that won’t show off an autograph the way that this one does, but overall it’s a nice card to get signed if possible.  In this case, the Blue Sharpie is a perfect complement to the ‘Dodger Blue’ that is on display!!

Thank you Mr. Valenzuela – this one is great!!!

1989 Fleer Superstar Special Honoring Darryl Strawberry

1989 Fleer Superstar Special Honoring Darryl Strawberry

It could be argued that these two guys had the prettiest left-handed swings in baseball back in 1989.

Darryl Strawberry and Will ‘The Thrill’ Clark were both enormously talented players and it is fitting that Fleer created a card celebrating them in their 1989 set.

This ‘Superstar Special’ is titled ‘Home Runs Coast To Coast’ and that is certainly fitting.  During the 1988 baseball season, Strawberry connected for 39 round-trippers while Clark belted 29.

Straw 89F SS

1 more card for my Darryl Strawberry collection – NICE!!!!

Happy Birthday Steve Carlton!!!

Steve Carlton turns 65 years old today.

Steve Carlton is one of the game’s greatest pitchers of all-time.  And one of its most under-appreciated as well…

Carlton had a dominant 24-season major league baseball career.  A first ballot Hall of Famer, Carlton’s resume boasts some incredibly impressive accomplishments:

  • 4 Cy Young awards
  • 10-time All-star
  • 329 career victories
  • 4,136 strikeouts
  • 1 Gold Glove award
  • 1972 National League Triple Crown winner
  • Member of the 1967 World Series champions

See what I mean??  Not too many men that have played this game can compare. 

Cheers to you, ‘Lefty’!!!  And Happy Birthday too!!!

Happy Birthday Steve Garvey!!!

Steve Garvey turns 61 years old today!!!

Garvey was a monster during the mid-to-late 1970’s while with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  From 1974 to 1981, Garvey finished in the Top 25 in the MVP race each season which validates how solid of a player he was during the prime of his career.  While winning the award in 1974, Garvey hit .312 while slugging 21 home runs and driving in 111 runs.

A 10-time All-star selection and winner of 4 consecutive Gold Glove awards, Garvey held down the spot as one of the game’s great first baseman during the mid-70’s and into the ’80s. 

Garvey was also an instrumental player in helping his team reach 3 World Series championship match-ups in a 5-year span.  Garvey’s Dodgers made it to the Fall Classic in 1974, 1977, and 1978 – losing all three times.  But during those championship games, Garvey shined.  He boasts a .319 batting average in World Series play along with 1 home run, 6 RBI, and 5 runs scored.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garvey!!!