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Card #400 In My Andre Dawson Collection!!!

Card #400 In My Andre Dawson Collection!!!

4ooth different card that is….  And I wanted to make this one count!!!

I think I did a pretty good job… Agreed?

When I first encountered the Sweet Spot Signature card I was amazed and in awe.  I love the style.  I love the design.  I love the vintage look.  But most of all, I love the creativity of the card. 

And while I don’t intentionally show off every card I buy to my wife, when I flashed this one at her she actually took it from me, looked it over for a few seconds, and muttered ‘That’s pretty cool’.  Inspired, she now wants to start her own baseball card blog!!  JK – LOL!!!

Back to the card…  I was a little fearful of these because I had seen several examples of fading on various blogs.  But the Dawson signature on this one looks nice and bold so I had to scoop it up!!!

And now with 400 different Andre Dawson cards in my collection, I am poised and ready to go after #500!!!!

Stay tuned…

1991 Fleer Ultra Greg Maddux

1991 Fleer Ultra Greg Maddux

Before Fleer mastered the art of exceptional photography on high-quality cardstock, they came ou with their 1991 Fleer Ultra set.  Personally, I like this card.  And while it fails to stand up to the standards set by future releases, it is still much better than the base set issues by Fleer in the early 1990’s.

The is a rare, but great choice of photos by Fleer.  Most of the pictures used of Maddux feature him in the beginning or middle of his wind-up.  This one captures him during his follow-through and its a nice and welcomed change!!

The 1991 baseball season was a good one for Maddux.  He started 35 games for the Cubbies and went 15-15.  He added another Gold Glove award to his collection and he compiled a 3.46 ERA.  In 263 inning pitched, he struck out 198 batters while walking just 66. 

Maddux 91FU

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #27

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #27

1963 Topps – Card #553 – AKA – ‘The Willie Stargell Rookie Card’

Brock Davis – Davis’ career lasted just 6 seasons.  In that time, he had some fair success but was never able to solidify a starting job on either of the 3 teams he played for.  A career .260 hitter, Davis’ best year came in 1971 when he was with the Cubs.  In 106 games, he hit .256 while collecting 77 hits, scoring 22 runs, and driving in 28.

Jim Gosger – Gosger had a lengthy 10-season career in the major leagues.  An outfielder with the ability to play all 3 spots, Gosger was primarily used as a utility guy.  In that role he compiled a .226 batting average.  His offensive stats include 67 doubles, 30 home runs, 177 RBI, and 197 runs scored.

John Herrnstein – A 5-year veteran, Herrnstein suited up for 3 teams.  While primarily playing for the Phillies, he finished his playing days with a .220 average alongside 8 home runs, 34 RBI, and 1 stolen base.  His biggest claim to fame is being part of the trade that sent Ferguson Jenkins to the Chicago Cubs in 1966.

Willie Stargell – Stargell was dominant during his playing days.  A 7-time All-star with 475 career home runs and 1,540 RBI, Stargell was the ‘go-to’ guy for the Pirates offense.  His 21-year career culminated with winning 1 MVP award, 2 World Series championships, and the 1979 World Series MVP award.  ‘Pops’ was one-of-a-kind!!!