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TTM Success: Bob Feller Delivers Again, And Again, And Again!!!

Meeting Bob Feller in December was a thrill for me.  And now, a month later, I am still very excited and proud to have been able to share a few minutes with this Hall of Fame legend!!

And when I saw how great this picture came out of me and Mr. Feller, I knew I wanted to try to get this photo signed.  So I sent this to Mr. Feller with the hopes of doing just that…

And now, 14 days later, this beautifully signed souvenir of this great occasion has been made even more memorable…  Check this out:

Nice, huh??  Well, Mr. Feller didn’t stop there.  The 2 cards I offered to him as a gesture of being thankful for his time were also returned back to me.  And you guessed right, he signed both cards as well!!!

As if I needed more confirmation that Mr. Feller was a class act, I am very blown away by his desire to make this fan happy.

Thank you Mr. Feller.  It was a thrill meeting you in person, and the memories and mementos you have provided me will last a lifetime!!!

1990 Upper Deck Darryl Strawberry

1990 Upper Deck Darryl Strawberry

Upper Deck was the innovator in the early 1990’s.  Their cutting-edge photography, high-gloss paper, and unique design captivated the hobby.  Collectors of vintage and modern cards were all impressed with the Upper Deck brand and were very excited to see their product.

Have I built this up enough???

I am so disappointed with this card of Darryl Strawberry.  While I am happy to add another new card to my collection honoring Darryl, this card does nothing for me.  The innovative and attractive new company failed me, Darryl, and all collectors with this one…

Straw 90UD

Did You Know…

Norm Cash had the biggest drop in batting average from one season to the next.  In 1961, his average was .361; the next year it dropped to .243.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball.’

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #2

I was able to pick up this subset for a very low price.  It’s a 6-card set and it highlights some amazing accomplishments that occurred during the 1979 baseball season.

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #1

Headline – ‘Willie McCovey’s 512th homer sets new mark for NL lefties’

Text on the back – Pittsburgh, June 9, 1979 0 Giants’ Willie McCovey tonight belted a 3-run Pinch-Homer to highlight Giants’ 6-2 win over Pirates.  The wallop was the 512th of McCovey’s career, setting a new NL mark for lefties.  The record of 511 homers was held by Mel Ott.

30 years later – With 521 career home runs to his credit, McCovey ranks in 7th place on the all-time home run list for left-handed batters.