30-YOC’s Collecting Goals for 2010

I figure that January 1 is as good of a time as any to make my collecting goals for the upcoming year formal.

Without dancing around it, I’ll get right down to what you can expect to see me focus on in 2010.

Player collections.  Simply stated, I am a player collector.  I enjoy honoring my favorite players by collecting their cards and showing them off on this blog.  As of right now, I need 1 more card of Fergie Jenkins and Eddie Murray to go and those collections will be complete.  I still have some road ahead of me to finish my Billy Williams, Jim Palmer, Darryl Strawberry, and Greg Maddux collections.  As soon as I get closer to finishing those off, I will definitely add a few more guys to go after.

Subsets.  Collecting a 792-card set does not appeal to me at all.  But putting together a subset of 6-10 cards that celebrate specific player or team achievements is right up my alley.  I compiled some great subsets in 2009 and look to continue that in 2010.

Autographed Baseballs.  Right now I have 18 signed baseballs in my collection.  I consider all of them to be quality pieces, with many of them belonging to players that impacted my enjoyment of the sport and hobby during my youth.  My goal is to add 8-10 more signed balls to my collection while sticking to my original rule that each player has to have a special significance to me and my collecting ways.

TTM Autographs.  As long as TTM collecting remains fun, I will participate.  From January through Spring Training and into the 2010 regular season, I will be putting cards and other items in the mail with the hope of bringing home some great autographs for my expanding collection.

Vintage Singles.  I would love to put together player collections of some of the biggest stars from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  My budget won’t allow that – but that doesn’t mean that I cannot pick up a few singles of some of these guys.  I’d love to add 8-10 quality cards of these guys to my collection in 2010.  I want Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson and Reggie Jackson and Johnny Bench and Bob Gibson and Willie McCovey and Pete Rose and Rod Carew and the list goes on and on and on.  I can’t wait to get going on this. 

There you have it – My goals for my collection in 2010.  Now I know that they can change during the course of the year, but I happen to be pretty good at sticking to my guns and I think I have some great collecting ahead of me!!

So what are your collecting goals for 2010???

3 responses to “30-YOC’s Collecting Goals for 2010

  1. Vintage Singles… Yup thats the next thing on my list too…. i want some cards from the 54 Topps set and i want to put together the 1968 Topps set also… So Vintage for me is the way to go in 2010.

  2. I am trying to sale a Johnny Bench and Rod Carew
    original signed baseball i want the for what it is worth.

  3. Lawton Bourn

    Any interest in the following: I have no set price nor do I know what they may be worth as such SO BE HONEST WITH ME….:

    I have 5 unopened Rainbow Foods Limited Edition Trading Card packets of 4 cards plus 1 gold bonus card per pack of DAVE WINFIELD #32 Homecoming Collection.

    I got them from a box of same in the Twins offices during a late night tour by a former student of a friend of mine who worked for the Twins many years ago. I have never opened them so I do not know anything about the photos, positions, etc or the bonus gold card. I have had them in a jewelry box all these years and am reducing my “stuff” before I pass away. Please email me with particulars if you have an interest as I’m not looking to go to eBay, Craig’s List et al. Thanks, Lawton Bourn, Laconia, NH

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