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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #30

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #30

1964 Topps – Card #167 – AKA – ‘The Lou Piniella Rookie Card’

Mike Brumley – Playing just 3 seasons with 224 games played, Brumley had a hard time keeping the starting job he had during his rookie campaign.  Primarily due to offense, the Washington Senators turned to other players that were able to supply more firepower at the plate.  Leaving the sport at just 27 years of age, Brumley retired with a .229 batting average alongside 151 hits, 5 home runs, 50 RBI and 52 runs scored.

Lou Piniella – More known for his managerial success, Lou Piniella enjoyed a solid 18-year career in the big leagues.  Winner of the Rookie of the Year award in 1969, ‘Sweet Lou’ was also a 2-time All-star and member of 2 New York Yankees championship teams.  Piniella was a career .291 hitter and he amassed 766 RBI and scored 651 runs.

1991 Topps Greg Maddux

1991 Topps Greg Maddux

Topps did a very nice job with this card of Maddux from their 1991 base set.

The picture is great – and the photographer captured Maddux at an angle that is not too familiar with a baseball card collector.   While we are all used to standard images of a pitcher standing on the mound and going trough the beginning stages of his wind-up, this card offers us a glimpse of the follow-through that Maddux employed on the mound.

Classic, Classic, Classic!!  This is a great looking card and I am thrilled to add it to my Greg Maddux player collection!!

Maddux 91T

Happy Birthday AJ Burnett!!!

AJ Burnett turns 33 years old today.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching most of AJ Burnett’s career.  While his skills on the pitching mound have never been questioned, at 33 years of age and with 11 years of major league experience already under his belt, I still think his best years are ahead of him.

It has been nice to see Burnett reach some pretty impressive baseball milestones.  Obviously, his Yankees team won the 2009 World Series and AJ played a crucial part in their playoff run.  As a Marlin he did not participate in their 2003 World Series title run, but AJ threw a no-hitter for the Marlins and I still get chills watching the final out play out in anticipation of the team celebrating his efforts.

At times he has looked more like a hurler than pitcher, but at other times he has looked like a Top 5 talent.  I really hope AJ can remain healthy for the remainder of his career and develop a reputation as being one of the most dangerous pitchers in the American League.

Happy Birthday AJ!!!