Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

TTM Success: Josh Hamilton

In my longest wait for a TTM autograph since I got back into the hobby, Josh Hamilton signed two cards for me in 348 days.

I knew the day was approaching and I eagerly checked my mailbox on a daily basis waiting for the cards to arrive.  From what I have seen on some of the autograph websites that I visit regularly, Hamilton has started to return all of the cards sent to him from the past year.  My 2 cards went on out in early January and now they are back with me almost a full year later.

I cheer for Hamilton.  His story is about hope, and it is admirable to see what he has done since getting his life back together.  He also has ties to South Florida so I tend to follow him a bit more than I do other players.

Thanks for the great autographs Josh!!!

A Pretty Sweet Photo Of Albert Pujols!!

This picture got forwarded to me by a friend of mine who knew I would appreciate its beauty and unique-ness.

Nice, huh??

The shot captures the impact of the bat and ball as Albert Pujols makes contact with one of his mighty swings!!!

Captured by photographer Scott Rovak, he states that ‘In 26 years of shooting baseball, he’s been able to get a photo of the ball “embedded” in the bat only three times. This one happened because he knows Pujols’ swing well enough to fire a shot as Pujols moves his lead shoulder.”

To see more of Rovak’s incredible sports photography, click here.

Reader Daniel Helps Me With My Darryl Strawberry Collection!!!

A few weeks ago I asked the readers of this blog to rummage through their cards to see if they could help me add a few Greg Maddux and Darryl Strawberry cards to my player collections.  You can re-read that post here.

Daniel was the first one to reply and also the first one to send me the card he found for me…

A 1990 Fleer Darryl Strawberry base card.

Thank you Daniel.  You have helped me inch one step closer towards completing my collection of cards featuring ‘Straw’.  And I suggest that everyone take some time to check out Daniel’s blog ‘It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop’.  Packed with fresh content, Daniel brings us high quality posts while also showcasing new additions to his collection.

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #3

I was able to pick up this subset for a very low price.  It’s a 6-card set and it highlights some amazing accomplishments that occurred during the 1979 baseball season.

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #3

Headline – “Manny Mota sets all-time pinch mark with 145th substitute hit”

Text on the back – Los Angeles, September 2, 1979 – Dodgers’ Manny Mota smacked a pinch-single in the eight inning of tonight’s game to set major league record of 145 pinch hits.  The former mark of 144 was held by Smoky Burgess, catcher, 1949-1967.

30 years later – The new record holder is Lenny Harris who has 212 career pinch-hits.