Andre Dawson Randomness On The Day Of His Election Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame!!!

I apologize for the style of this post.  If you’ve visited my blog before, you know that I like to be clear and concise with my writing.  Bur right now I don’t know if my fingers can keep up with my head.  So many Dawson-filled thoughts are flying through my head, hopefully I can keep up.

*First off, I need to thank my wife.  She broke the news to me at 2:04PM this afternoon.  At my new job surfing the web is prohibitted.  Luckily cell phones are not so I eagerly answered the phone in mid-ring and got the great news.  She read me the article from and I really appreciate that she made this a priority in her life today too.  She is also responsible for posting my ‘Tears of Joy’ post that I wrote last night.  I gave her a crash course in publishing a post, and she did great – Thanks Mandy!!

*You bet your ass I wore my Dawson t-shirt to work today!!!

*Upon leaving work tonight I threw on my normal sports radio program and ‘The Hawk’ was live on the air talking about his day.  It was a great segment to hear and being just a few hours into it, you could tell that the whole thing had not sunk in yet with Andre.  He was on his way to the airport to make the trip to NYC for the official press conference. 

*I wonder how much round-trip tickets to the nearest airport to Cooperstown costs in July.  I’m going to have to check into that.  🙂

*I have so many things I still want to collect that honor Andre.  I’m a bit nervous that the renewed life his items will get may negatively affect my collection – what do you think??

*The hat.  Which hat??  This one or that one??  OMG!!!  If I had to guess, I would say Cubs.  If the Expos were still in business it would be a tight race, but the Cubs should have that one locked down.  The Red Sox and Marlins should be thrilled that he played for them, but his plaque won’t feature their logo!!

*After ZERO new releases by any of the major baseball card companies in 2009, hopefully his election will bring some new cards during the 2010 collecting year!!

*I now know how Brad feels!!!!  My wait was  a bit longer and more stressful than his – but to have your favorite player honored in this way is a great feeling!!!

*I didn’t want to jinx anything today but I prepared a little care package for Andre last night and gave my wife clear instructions on if it should be shipped or not.  Obviously it was shipped this afternoon.  The contents – a ‘Congtrats’ card, a baseball with the hopes of an autograph and HOF inscription, and  a heartfelt letter to Andre telling him how much this day means to a fan like me!!

*I wonder if anyone is going to retire Andre’s jersey now?  If the Marlins do it, you better believe that I will be there!!

*I have roughly 40 items featuring Andre Dawson in my ‘Watching’ bucket in Ebay.  I’m interested to see what his HOF election does to these auctions and their prices.

*Hall of Fame postcards – I’ve always wanted to pick up some of those.  July sounds like the perfect time to round them up…

*McFarlane never made a Dawson figurine.  If that changes I may have to get my first one!!!

*People are congratulating me today and it feels good.  My cell phone is ringing a bit more than normal.  And my Inbox had a lot more mail than usual for a Wednesday afternoon.

*Congratulations Andre.  Today is a wonderful day for you, your family and friends, and your fans.  You have been deserving if this honor for several years – the wait is now over but it was worth every minute!!!


10 responses to “Andre Dawson Randomness On The Day Of His Election Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame!!!

  1. Brian, if we both get to the ceremonies in July, we should meet up! Have a Hawk tailgate party or something 🙂


  2. I was thinking the same thing about a Dawson McFarlane. That would be sweet.

    If you go to Cooperstown, you’ll have to pick me up a postcard.


  3. interesting….
    1. Sean Casey (949)
    2. Dmitri Young (929)
    3. Kevin Millar (927)
    4. Wally Moon (921)
    5. Mike Greenwell (912)
    6. Donn Clendenon (905)
    7. Bruce Bochte (902)
    8. Pete O’Brien (901)
    9. Alvin Davis (899)
    10. Roberto Kelly (897

  4. You called it Brian! Congrats to the “Hawk.” Dawson deserves to be in the HOF w/ all the other greats.
    We have to make it to Cooperstown this July.

  5. “Great player — he really knew how to keep his eye on the ball.” — Eric Show

  6. Count me in on the Hawk party in July. I’m already looking into hotels and maybe even talked the wife into making a family vacation out of the deal.

  7. Way to go bro!

    I’m just as happy for you as I am for Andre! The gift card is a great touch… I’m sure he will appreciate it.

    That trip to Cooperstown does sound very alluring…


  8. Brian, I was shaking in my seat yesterday waiting for the announcement! My wife is already planning our trip to Cooperstown!

    Btw – If you haven’t already noticed, his prices are going ape-poop. People are out of their flipping minds with the prices being paid for cards that have sat in eBay stores since before I started collecting.

    I will not be buying anything for at least a month.

    Regarding new products though, he is already in 09 Tribute and Sterling with many more to follow, I’m sure.

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