Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

Sending A Very Special TTM Request To Sparky Anderson!!

You may recall that for Christmas I received an awesome stack of baseball-related books to enjoy.  If not, you can click here to see the details. 

In this stack of books was one called ‘The Machine’.  The book details the success of Cincinnati’s ‘Big Red Machine’ – a team that I am passionate about!! 

So while I continue to read the books I already owned prior to getting this new and very tall stack of new books, I thought it would be fun to send this book around to see if I can add any autographs to it.

And why not start with the team’s leader – Mr. Sparky Anderson??

So off it goes.  Anderson has always had a great TTM reputation and I hope he continues that tradition and sends this back to me with his autograph.

Wish me luck!!!

1992 Stadium Club Greg Maddux – BLEHHH!!!

1992 Stadium Club Greg Maddux

If I held a contest for the worst image used on a baseball card, this one would get strong consideration as one of the finalists!!!

What a terrible picture.  I don’t know if the photographer caught Maddux at an off millisecond or if Maddux just arrived at the park after a late-night bender, but he looks awful in this picture.  He needs a shave, he needs to brush his teeth, and most importantly, he needs to go back to bed!!!

The fact that Stadium Club would even use this image as part of their set is terrible.  I am convinced that someone snuck this shot in at the last moment or that they had a beef with Maddux and wanted to screw him over a bit. 

‘Take that Greg!!!”

Maddux 92SC

What else can  I say??  I am happy to add this terribly, god-awful baseball card to my Greg Maddux collection.  I hope we never cross paths again!!!

Mark McGwire Confirms What Most Of Us Had Suspected For Years…

I am not a McGwire basher.  In fact, he is one of the main reasons that I maintained my enjoyment of the sport during what I would consider to be a ‘down time’.

I am also not going to go into my thoughts on steroids and their place in and out of sports.

What I will say is that I knew this day was coming.  And I silently predicted that it would come prior to the start of Spring Training….

On Monday night, via an interview with Bob Costas on the MLB Network, Mark McGwire finally admitted to taking steroids for the better part of a decade.  He also admitted to using the performance enhancing drugs while he chased and then crushed Roger Maris’ sacred home run record of 61 in a single season.

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I have seen pre-meditated moves in sports before.  And the Cardinals signing ‘Big Mac’ as their new hitting instructor for the 2010 season was the first indicator that an admission was forthcoming.  Why would the Cardinals, one of the most decorated and adored teams in sports, bring back a tarnished and fallen hero who left the sport with a black eye?  I firmly believe that before McGwire agreed to this new position that it came with conditions.  And condition #1 was an admission from him about his drug use.  I also believe that the Cardinals agreed to back him completely once he admitted his wrong doings…

So, with all that being said, I think that this is a genius move by the Cardinals organization.  They got this out of the way, and now have an incredible talent on their coaching staff.  McGwire’s admission now allows for the story to fade and fizzle prior to him joining the team in Florida in February.  And it also stops what would be everyday questions from the media aimed at him if he was still remaining silent about the entire thing.

While I don’t applaud his actions of cheating, I do appreciate the fact that he is finally opening up about the subject.  And even more, I applaud the St, Louis Cardinals organization for standing behind the guy that single-handedly kept the sport, their team, and baseball fans excited for several years as he was the game’s biggest attraction.