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Less Than 48 Hours In, And I Already Need Your Help…

What seems like just hours ago, I posted an entry on this blog stating my desire to build the 1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds team set.  You can read that original post here.

Eager to get going, but remaining disciplined as well, I set out to build the checklist for this project.  With the help of the Internet, I was able to knock this task out with ease.

24 base cards featuring the players on the Reds’ roster and 1 manager card featuring the team photo.

But then I ran into this….

and this…

and this…

and this….

and this too….

I’m a little confused on how to proceed with these findings.  While not ‘regular’ cards from the 1975 set, they do feature Reds players and I want to build a complete set.  And while the Eastwick rookie card seems to be an easier choice, the others leave me perplexed.

I am open for your suggestions on this one.  Should I get them all or leave them be??  Is a team set complete without these cards?

Help me please!!!

Pack Addict Lends A Hand Towards The Cause!!!

Pack Addict Lends A Hand Towards The Cause!!!

My pal Dan, aka Pack Addict, answered the call during my plea for help in completing my Greg Maddux and Darryl Strawberry collections.

Specifically, Dan offered up 2 cards of Darryl Strawberry – 1988 Fleer & 1988 Donruss.  The cards have arrived and they look great.  I can’t believe that these bad boys are both 22-years old!!!

And to top it off, he also threw in a 1969 Topps RBI League Leaders card featuring 2 of my favorite Cubbies – Billy Williams and Ron Santo.  Now this cars is a classic, and having Willie McCovey as the other superstar being featured is the icing on the cake!!!

Thanks again Dan.  2 great additions to my Darryl Strawberry player collection as well as another multi-player card from the 1960’s starring some of my favorite players!!!

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #32

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #32

1978 Topps – Card #707 – AKA – ‘The Paul Molitor Rookie Card’

Mickey Klutts – An 8-year veteran, Klutts played for 3 teams during his 8 big league seasons.  Only managing to get into 199 games during those 8 years, Klutts’ offense was not up to par to earn him a starting job on a big league roster.  A career .241 hitter, Klutts has 129 career hits including 26 doubles and 14 home runs.

Paul Molitor – Hall of Famer Molitor accomplished quite a bit in the major leagues.  A member of the prestigious 3,000 hits club, Molitor also has 504 steals, 234 home runs, and 1,782 runs to his credit.  Molitor is a 7-time All-star and he owns a World Series championship ring from his days with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Alan Trammell – The ‘other’ part of a supreme double-play combination that played for almost 20 years as teammates, Alan Trammell also put together a very impressive offensive resume.  A .285 hitter with 2,365 career hits, Trammel flashed his power every once in a while with his 185 home runs.  He also did well on the base paths with 236 stolen bases.  Trammel was part of the Tigers team that won the World Series in 1984

UL Washington – An 11-year veteran, Washington’s play was solid enough to keep him on board with the 3 teams he played for.  A career ,251 hitter, Washington’s strength was his speed and ability to get on base.  Washington played in the 1980 playoffs – ultimately losing with the other team being crowned the World Series champions.