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4 Awesome Additions To My Andre Dawson Autograph Inscription Set!!!

Amazingly just 1 week after being elected to the Hall of Fame, Andre Dawson returned home and went right back to taking care of his fan mail.

I got these cards in my mailbox last night after work, and even through Andre has always been great about promptly signing stuff for me, he really impressed me this time with his loyalty and dedication to his fans.

Here are 4 more great cards for my ‘Inscription Set’.

‘The Hawk’ never fails to impress me with his ability to put down an incredible autograph.  And by my rough estimation, I would guess that I am about 75-80% done with this project.  There is a very small handful of inscriptions left that I would like to get to complete this set, and of course one very new and meaningful one as well!!!

Thanks Andre!  You have never let me down, and that is one of the many reasons that you have been my favorite player for more than 20 years!!!

If you’d like to see the entire ‘Inscription Set’, click here to visit my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ page.


My Fingers Are Crossed For This Autograph TTM Request!!!

Now that I have the unsigned ball back from my attempt to get Duke Snider, I kind of feel like I have a ‘free’ one to play with.

So I am going to go after a guy that does sign through the mail but his signing habits are more erratic than most.  I’m sending this ball to Mr. Dave Winfield.  Anyone that frequents my blog knows that I am a big fan of ‘Big Dave’ as he was one of my original player collections when I decided to return to the hobby after a 14-year absence.

If Winfield takes the time to read the letter I enclosed with the ball, my chances of success should multiply as I really poured my heart into the letter I enclosed with the ball.

‘Big Dave’ has a great looking autograph – I would be thrilled to add a signed ball by hum to my collection!!!


Wish me luck on this one!!!

1987 Topps New York Mets Team Leader Card Starring Darryl Strawberry

1987 Topps New York Mets Team Leader Card Starring Darryl Strawberry

What’s not to like about this card?  It’s got a great vintage feel, an awesome photo, and it features two of the best players on the Mets roster!!

I have always been a fan of the team cards.  And starting with the 1987 base set, Topps really started to put some time and energy into them.

Check it out…

Straw 87T TL

It’s nice to see two of the biggest offensive weapons the Mets had during the 1987 season share the card.  The photographer captured a great moment – a joyous celebration.  Based on the picture, and what I can see in the background, I am guessing that ‘Straw’ just hit either a 3-run home run or a Grand Slam!!

Coming off of their 1986 World Series championship, the Mets were riding high.  And although the team would eventually crumble and fall apart, this 1987 Topps card gave us one more reason to celebrate.

I am thrilled to add this card to my Darryl Strawberry collection!!

Did You Know…

The two pitchers to give up the most to Pete Rose in his record-breaking career were Phil Niekro, with 64, and Don Sutton, with 60.


**factoid courtesy of Armchair Reader ‘Grand Slam Baseball’.

My take – Ever the competitor, Rose excelled against everyone he faced – even Hall of Fame hurlers!!