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New Subset To Collect – 2000 Fleer’s ‘Club 3,000’

While doing my Birthday and Anniversary posts, I try to find the perfect image honoring the player or event I am writing about.  And being that this is a baseball and baseball card blog, I have found that Ebay is a great tool for finding images.

So when I happened to find the 2000 Fleer – Club 3,ooo subset, I thought that the cards were a perfect fit when celebrating a player’s entrance into either the hitting or pitching ‘3,000 Club’.   And once I ws able to find a checklist for the set, I knew it would be one that I’d like to collect.

Comprised of just 14 cards, this subset is littered with legendary baseball players.  And although it doesn’t contain every member of the 3,000 K’s and 3,000 hits club, it is chock full of guys that I like.

Here’s the checklist:

Card # Player Own it?
BG Bob Gibson  
CR Cal Ripken, Jr.  
CY Carl Yastrzemski  
DW Dave Winfield  
GB George Brett  
LB Lou Brock  
NR Nolan Ryan  
PM Paul Molitor  
RC Rod Carew  
RY Robin Yount  
SC Steve Carlton  
SM Stan Musial  
TG Tony Gwynn  
WB Wade Boggs  


And in standard  ’30-YOC’ form, I will share each of these cards with you as I put this set together from scratch.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!!!

Jim Palmer 1974 Topps

Jim Palmer 1974 Topps

36 years later and this card still looks pretty good.  I was able to find this one on Ebay and I think I got it for a pretty good price considering how old the card is. 

Although you cannot see it via my scan, the colors of this card are still extremely bold and vivid.  And the corners of this gem have held up very well too.  It’s nice to see that whoever owned this baseball cards prior to me really did a nice job of caring for and protecting it.

1974 was an ‘off’ year for Palmer.  Sandwiched between his 1973 and 1975 Cy Young awards, Palmer went 7-12 in ’74 while making just 26 appearances.  Luckily he bounced back and regained his old form as he went back to winning more Cy Young awards and having more 20-win seasons.

The Florida Marlins Lock Up Josh Johnson!!!!

News broke last night that the Florida Marlins signed pitcher Josh Johnson to a 4-year contract extension.

I’m not going to get into all the negative publicity that the Marlins have got over the course of the last week involving this whole revenue sharing thing…  But I will celebrate the fact that we’re keeping one of the best pitchers in the game on our team for the next few years!!!

I’ve seen them all come and go.  From Josh Beckett to Dontrelle Willis to AJ Burnett to Carl Pavano.  The list goes on and on.  But not this time.  This time, we’re keeping our ace.  And if he remains healthy, we have our #1 starter locked up until 2013!!!

Johnson is coming off of his best season in the big leagues.  In 2009, at the age of just 25, Johnson started 33 games for ‘The Fish’ and wound up with a 15-5 record.  He compiled a low 3.23 ERA while throwing 209 innings and striking out 191 batters.  Johnson also earned his first of what is hopefully many All-star nominations and he cemented himself as one of the game’s great young hurlers.

I wanted to send a special ‘Thank You’ to the Marlins front office staff.  Thanks for keeping this guy around.  Thank you for giving us a reason to believe that you want to win as badly as we want you to win!!!

Go FISH!!!