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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #33

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #33

1968 Topps – Card #247 – AKA – ‘The Johnny Bench Rookie Card’

Johnny Bench – Commonly noted as the greatest catcher in the history of baseball, Johnny Bench was a dynamic player from his début at 19 years of age and through his 17 big league seasons.  A Rookie of the Year winner, 2-time League MVP, 10-time Gold Glove winner, and 14-time All-star, Bench was as highly regarded of a player as there was during the 1970’s.  His winning ways translated to wins for his ballclub, which ultimately led to the 1975 and 1976 World Series championships.  Bench was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 with 431 of 447 votes captured. 

Ron Tompkins – Tompkins played just 2 seasons in the majors – 1965 & 1971.  His total game experience was 40 appearances, 50 innings pitched, 3 saves and 24 strikeouts.  Traded 5 times between 1967 and 1970, Tompkins had a hard time fitting in with any of the teams that traded for him.  He toiled around the minor leagues for a few years while learning about his new teams and their systems, but ultimately after a poor showing in 1971, he left the sport.

1991 Bowman Greg Maddux

1991 Bowman Greg Maddux

Another great looking Greg Maddux card to add  to my collection!

By 1991 Bowman decided to abort their large-than-the-competition card design and issue cards that were the same size as the other brands.

This is a great looking card.  And while there are a ton of cards of Greg Maddux picturing him in all different phases of his wind-up and delivery, this is the only one I found that showed his grip on the ball right at the release point. 

Curveball, anyone???

Maddux 91B

Happy Birthday Albert Pujols!!!

Albert Pujols turns 30 years old today.

Arguably the best player in baseball this decade, Pujols has amassed some incredible numbers prior to his 30th birthday.  Already a 3-time MVP winner and World Series champion, Pujols is quickly racking up statistics that mirror or surpass some of baseball’s greatest players.  With a career batting average of .334, and with 1,717 hits in just 9 seasons, the sky is the limit for this talented hitter.  And don’t forget about the 366 home runs and 1,112 RBI Albert has already accumulated too.

So what do you get a player that seemingly has it all???  500 HR’s and 3,000 hits seem to be goals that are easily within his reach.  My gift to Albert Pujols for his 30th birthday is Matt Holliday.  I give you a solid #5 hitter that will protect you and also force your opposing pitchers to give you stuff that can be hit.  His numbers are incredible today, imagine what they could be if he was surrounded by players 162 games a year that were just as respected. 

We may be looking at the new Home Run King!!!

Happy Birthday to ‘The Machine’.