Dan Uggla Will Be Wearing A Marlins Uniform in 2010 – YES!!!!

I am thrilled to learn that my favorite second baseman will play at least one more season for the ‘home’ team this year.

Hearing the news on Monday afternoon that the Marlins re-signed Dan Uggla to a 1-year contract solidifies the Marlins’ offense and ensures that players like Hanley Ramirez, Cody Ross, and Jorge Cantu will continue to get opportunities to shine in 2010.

The best home run hitting second baseman in the game today, Uggla has crushed 121 homers while driving in 360 RBI in his first 4 years in the majors.

I look for 2010 to be another power-full year for the slugger, and I hope to see that he is rewarded with a long-term contract offer after this upcoming season is complete.

Congratulations on the contract Dan.  Now get ready to ‘Go Get ‘Em!!!!’

Go FISH!!!

2 responses to “Dan Uggla Will Be Wearing A Marlins Uniform in 2010 – YES!!!!

  1. The AP story says that the contract doesn’t necessarily mean that Uggla won’t be traded before the season starts, and his agent saying he wouldn’t be surprised if his client gets traded.

    (Said the Dodger fan who wouldn’t mind seeing Uggla suit up in Dodger blue this year).

  2. There have been rumors for months that the Marlins want to deal him. Ideally he kicks off 2010 with a bang, creating a lot of interest. If we’re going to let him go, we need to get something valuable back in return.

    The last time the Marlins dumped an All-star(Cabrera), it didn’t really work out too well for us(Maybin & Miller).

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