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The Official 30-YOC ‘1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Checklist’

The Official 30-YOC ‘1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Checklist’

It’s official now!!!  After asking for and receiving some help last week, I have completed my checklist for the 1975 Topps Reds team set I will be collecting.

My original goal was to get the 25-card team set featuring just the base cards, but it has now evolved into securing each and every card featuring the Cincinnati Reds logo.  25 became 34 very quickly as I have added multi-player rookie cards, league leader cards, and other parts of the ’75 Topps set featuring a Reds player.

Here is a look at the checklist:

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set
“The Big Red Machine”  
Card # Player Own it? Notes
531 Anderson, Sparky    
622 Armbrister, Ed   Multi-Player rookie
208 Bench, Johnny   1970 MVP
210 Bench, Johnny   1972 MVP
260 Bench, Johnny    
308 Bench, Johnny   1974 RBI Leaders
235 Billingham, Jack    
157 Borbon, Pedro    
345 Carroll, Clay    
507 Carroll, Tom    
581 Chaney, Darrel    
17 Concepcion, Dave    
447 Crowley, Terry    
615 Darcy, Pat   Multi-Player rookie
133 Driessen, Dan    
621 Eastwick, Rawly   Multi-Player rookie
87 Foster, George    
41 Geronimo, Cesar    
284 Griffey, Ken    
65 Gullett, Don    
108 Hall, Tom    
423 Kirby, Clay    
481 McEnaney, Will    
180 Morgan, Joe    
562 Nolan, Gary    
396 Norman, Fred    
560 Perez, Tony    
656 Plummer, Bill    
369 Rettenmund, Merv    
199 Robinson, Frank   1961 MVP
204 Robinson, Frank   1966 MVP
211 Rose, Pete   1973 MVP
320 Rose, Pete    
602 Vukovich, John    

A special thanks goes out to every one of the readers that helped guide me to this final list of cards to go after!!!

I am so eager to get going on this one – I can hardly wait!!!  And no mini’s for me.  I have very little love for them and I had to draw the line somewhere!!

Stay tuned as I will present each and every I card I pick up for this set as I secure them.  If all goes well, this should be a challenging but gratifying quest!!!

Jim Palmer 1976 Topps – 1975 ERA League Leaders

Jim Palmer 1976 Topps – 1975 ERA League Leaders

This card comes from the 1976 Topps base set and it celebrates the American League’s top pitchers based on their ERA.

Here is how they ranked:

  1. Jim Palmer – 2.09
  2. Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter – 2.58
  3. Dennis Eckersley – 2.60

What I think is most remarkable about Palmer’s performance in 1975 is that he kept and maintained that ERA while starting 38 games for the Orioles.  For a guy to pitch a total of 323 innings while allowing just 87 runs – that is a truly remarkable feat!!

And Hunter and Eck were not too shabby either… Hunter threw 328 innings while allowing 107 runs an Eckersley tossed 186 innings and gave up just 61 runs.

Oh yeah – 3 Hall of Famers too.  Take note…

Did You Know…

On May 27, 1960, Clint Courtney became the first catcher to use the knuckleball ‘big mitt’.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’