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Donruss Really Liked This Picture, Huh…

I am a collector.  And I happen to collect baseball cards.  But once I add new cards to my collection, I don’t just throw them into a plastic sleeve or top-loader and put them away.  While I keep them extremely neat and organized, I like to go through the cards and enjoy them.

With my Andre Dawson collection, I tend to go back to the vintage stuff quite a bit as  they bring back a ton of memories of my childhood collecting days(imagine if I still had all of those cards – WoW).

But lately I have been spending time checking out the new stuff as well.  And although it was never a collecting goal of mine to get all of Dawson’s modern-era cards, it has become a great extension to my collection and I look forward to adding more and more in the future.

As I look as these newer issues, I really enjoy the creativity that the card companies display with their releases.  And with all the subsets being pushed out each and every year, I find it amazing that so many cards still are appealing.  These companies have some very talented artists on board and they should be thankful that more releases are not hybrids of old stuff which would certainly turn off the collecting world.

With all of that being said, I cannot understand why card companies would spend so much time and effort on designing new and interesting product while recycling old photos time and time again.  Heck, there have to be thousands of pictures of Andre Dawson playing baseball for the Expos, Cubs, Red Sox, and Marlins – he played 21 years!!

My example:

This is a smattering of modern-day cards that I own of ‘The Hawk’.  I enjoy all of them, and I admire their uniqueness from one to the next.  But you know what would make them stand out even more???  Unique photos!!!

I have no doubt that there are more cards out there with this exact photo of Andre being used.  And as I work to build up my Andre Dawson collection if I find them, I will certainly want to add them to my collection.  I just find it very odd that these companies would continue to re-hash the same pictures year after year…

Are you feeling me???

1992 Topps Greg Maddux – Base & Gold Winners

1992 Topps Greg Maddux – Base & Gold Winners

I have no idea when the ‘paralell’ era started, but I like what Topps did with their 1992 issues.  And for a player collector, it gives us a nice little set of cards with slight variances to hunt down.  Way before serial numbering came into play, card companies still limited their runs of these ‘bonus’ cards which made finding them even that more thrilling.

These 2 cards come from the 1992 Topps set.  There are 3 versions in total, and I will eventually find and add number 3 to this trio.  I have the base version of the card along with the Gold Award Winner version as well.  All I need is the Gold version and this 3-headed monster will be complete!!

Maddux 92T(2)

2 great additions to my Greg Maddux player collection!!!  YES!!!