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Incredible TTM Success: Dave Winfield!!!

My heart is still racing as I write this…

Last night when I got home there was a baseball in my mailbox in my familiar return envelope.  I only had 2 balls in the mail so I knew it was one of just 2 guys.

I tore it open and was extremely surprised and thrilled to see this:

That’s right baby.  A Hall of Fame ball signed by one of my favorite baseball players of all-time – Mr. Dave Winfield!!!  And he also included a pretty cool HOF plaque business card too.

How cool is this??

Anybody who has been with me and ’30-YOC’ for a while now knows that Winfield was one of my favorite players as a kid.  In fact when I decided to get back into the hobby and focus on collecting my favorite players from my youth, Dave Winfield was in the first group of five that I went after. 

This ball is an incredible addition to my signed baseball collection as well as my Dave Winfield collection!!!

Thank you Mr. Winfield, you made this fan’s week!!!!

1992 Score Greg Maddux

1992 Score Greg Maddux

While cards of pitchers tend to get old as they primarily feature the same old photos, Score did a nice job making this one stand out.

The 1992 Score design added an element that turns a boring photo into a very nice baseball card.  By creating a 3-D element to the card, you get the feeling that Maddux’s pitch is going to fly off the cardboard.  It’s a nice design touch.  And although it doesn’t always work, it does for this issue.

The cards coloring also looks good.  The bold and sharp colors look great, and having the Wrigley Field Ivy as a backdrop doesn’t hurt either.

Maddux 92S

On a related note – check out Maddux’s perfect mechanics on this pitch.  **Notice the foot-drag… my Little League coach would be proud!!!  🙂

1982 Headline: Cubs Obtain Phillies’ Sandberg

On this day in 1982, Ryne Sandberg became a Chicago Cub.

The Cubs sent Ivan DeJesus to the Phillies for Sandberg and Larry Bowa.  Prior to the trade, Sandberg played in 21 games for the Phillies and made 6 plate appearances.  For the record he has 1 hit as a Phillie and a batting average of .167.

What the Cubs got over the next 15 major league seasons was brilliance.  Sandberg immediately filled a void at second base and quickly became the star and leader of the team.  With excellent defense, superb base running, and skill at the plate, Sandberg’s talents made #23 a fan favorite very quickly.

During his time in Chicago Ryne Sandberg was a 10-time All-star, 9-time Gold Glove winner, and a 7-time winner of the Silver Slugger trophy.  He also won the National League MVP award in 1984 due to his .314 batting average, 200 hits, 114 runs scored, 19 triples, 19 home runs, 84 RBI, and 32 stolen bases. 

Sandberg was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005.  His #23 waves proudly in the air above Wrigley Field!!!

Thank you Philadelphia!!!