“I Won A Contest, I Won A Contest!!!!”

With child-like enthusiasm, I was very excited to win a recent contest sponsored by Chris from the blog On Card Autos.

The premise of the contest was simple – help Chris develop a new name for his ‘mailday’ posts.  Yet while the idea was a simple one, coming up with a new name for this series of posts is not so easy…

After a few days, I went with ‘From The Friendly Confines Of My Mailbox’.  You see Chris is a Cub’s fan(me too!) and with that came the idea of tying the Cubs or something Cubs related to my contest entry.

My entry took a spin off of a famous sign at Wrigley Field…

And I won!!! 

The prize?  50 cards of any team of your choosing.  And an added bonus of either a relic or certified autograph card featuring a player on that team.

I chose the Marlins.  I could have gone a few ways with my pick, but I settled on the Marlins as I want to do some TTM-graphing of my favorite home team this Spring.


Chris hooked me up!!!  I got some Hanleys, some Ugglas, some Conines, and handfuls of other guys wearing Teal & Black.

Thanks for the great contest Chris.  Tons of Fun!!!!

One response to ““I Won A Contest, I Won A Contest!!!!”

  1. Congrats!

    I do like your entry the best.

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