Nolan Ryan’s 6th No-Hitter – June 11, 1990

As we celebrate ‘Nolan Ryan Day here at ’30-YOC’, we will pay homage to Ryan’s incredible 7 No-Hitters!!

Nolan Ryan’s 6th No-Hitter – June 11, 1990

Where:  Networks Associates Coliseum, Oakland

Attendance: 33,436

Time of Game: 2 hours, 49 minutes

Result:  Rangers 5, A’s 0

Notes from the game:  Still dominant at age 43, Ryan no-hit the mighty A’s who at the time were the defending World Series champions.  In typical Ryan-form, Nolan struck out 14 batters while giving up just 2 walks.  At age 43, Ryan fired 130 pitches on this special night!!

5 responses to “Nolan Ryan’s 6th No-Hitter – June 11, 1990

  1. I was there! Ricky Henderson almost beat out a grounder in the 9th. Luckily good call by the ump!
    Even many A’s fans were happy.

  2. Raymond Costley

    Was only 10 years old but I was there. I was pissed that McGwire took the day off and Jennings took first!

  3. I was there with my Father and I was the only fan still wanting my A’s to win, not understanding the hugeness of Nolan’s 6th no hitter. I will never forget that game, yelling at the traitors in the stands. Great memory with my Dad as a 17 year old A’s fan. So glad I was there to watch that game.

  4. I was on interns in Dallas. I had plans to go out and see a Rangers game that night, but decided I was too tired and that I’d go another time. The next day Iearned of the no-hitter and decided to skip going to a game, because I’d never be able to top that!

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