Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter – May 1, 1991

As we celebrate ‘Nolan Ryan Day here at ’30-YOC’, we will pay homage to Ryan’s incredible 7 No-Hitters!!

Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter – May 1, 1991

Where:  Arlington Stadium, Texas

Attendance:  33,439

Time of Game: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Result:  Rangers 3, Blue Jays 0

Notes from the game:  Nolan Ryan’s 7th and last no-hitter may be his most impressive.  At the age of 44, and in front of his home crowd, Ryan was spectacular.  He struck out 16 batters and walked just 2.  This was also the only time in Ryan’s 7 ‘No-No’s’ that he struck out each batter at least one time!!

3 responses to “Nolan Ryan’s 7th No-Hitter – May 1, 1991

  1. And the Jays were no pushover that year, they were a playoff team! They won the AL East. I remember watching that game and being so impressed. Like you said… 44 years old! I wonder how many no-hitters had 15+ K’s? I recently talked about Ryan’s no-hitters on my site but didn’t think to look this stat up…

  2. Michael L. Hoenig

    I wasn’t there, but I decided – on a whim! – to watch on TV. A Dallas native myself, I never believed we had a professional baseball team – you ever see ’em get past the Damn Yankees in the playoffs?

    Anyway; I rarely watched baseball, but since Nolan was on the mound, I thought it’d be good background sound…it was a slow day and I had nothing to do…

    What a game! And what a time to watch, not missing a single pitch!

    It was Arlington Appreciation Day and I grew up just a few miles from Arlington Stadium – which was torn down and replaced by The Ballpark At Arlington – with the Arlington Spurs and, later, the Rangers.

    My favorite memory of that game was the Dallas Morning News headline on May 2: ‘No Knows No-Nos

    Go ahead…try to top *that* verbiage!!!

  3. I was just 12 yrs old.I remember my ask if } wanted to go because his dad had extra tickets .He got from work,Winn-Dixie.It was Winn-Dixie night.My ticket was not even a real ticket more like a coupon.I still have it with the rip off end.The =ame was nuts.I never seen such a game .ppl was loud.After that game Ryan was a god in texas.

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