1992 Upper Deck Greg Maddux – Front & Back

1992 Upper Deck Greg Maddux – Front & Back

Upper Deck is the only baseball card company that produced cards in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s that deserves to have the backs of its cards shown.  Using high quality, brightly colored photography, there is no question as to why they became an instant hit with fans.  Even if their cards were more high-end and high-dollar at the time…

Below is the 1992 Greg Maddux base card from the Upper Deck set.  The first picture is the front of the card and the second shot is the back.

Maddux 92UD Front

Maddux 92UD Back

Of the 2, I have to say that I love the back picture!!  Here you have a pitcher sliding into what appears to be second base.  No batting helmet means that he was hustling around the bases.  No pitching jacket means that he was legging out a double.  And his arm in the air calling a ‘TO’ means that he was safe at the bag!!!

Great card.  And a great addition to my Greg Maddux player collection!!!

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