Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Base

Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Base

Finally, I have added a 2009 issue of Andre Dawson to my collection – YES!!!!

Of course it didn’t happen until 2010, but who’s counting??  Actually I guess I am counting…

Anyways, I am not sure when the 2009 Topps Tribute set was released but they have been all over Ebay for the last month or so.  And ever since Andre’s Hall of Fame election was announced, the price of these and their availability on Ebay has steadily risen.

From what I can tell, there are Blue, Black, Gold, and Red versions of this card available too.  Each is serial numbered and I am pretty sure that they are limited to 219, 99, 50, and 1 respectively.  So while my desire to obtain the full set of these is strong, the likelihood of securing the Red version is pretty unrealistic at this point.  But that won’t stop me from going after the other three versions…

As for the card itself, it is a beauty.  With a nice, thick cardstock it won’t fit in a regular top-loader.  The card is as shiny as can be and I am very happy with the photo that Topps used for this issue.

Blue, Black, Gold, and possibly Red – Here I come!!! 

4 responses to “Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Base

  1. I was trying for the Gold on eBay just a week or so ago and got out bidded. Might have to wait until the bidding frenzy cools down.

  2. Things always get so frenzy-like after HOF inductions and such.

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