20 Balls!!

If January is any indication of what 2010 may bring, my autographed baseball collection is going to grow in size while maintaining a very high standard. 

Adding a Dave Winfield Hall of Fame ball and an Andre Dawson Hall of Fame ball so far this year has already put a new element into my collection.

And some of the ‘stuff’ I am working on right now will ensure that the quantity and quality remains at a very high level!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my balls:

Top row – Andre Dawson Hall of Fame 2010, Andre Dawson 87 NL MVP, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins HOF 91, and Dave Winfield HOF 2001.

Second row – Pete Rose #4256, Jose Canseco 40/40 Club, Tim Raines #30, Mark Grace, Jim Palmer personalized and with 1973, 75, 76 CY and HOF 90.

Third row – Don Larsen WS PG 10-8-56, Lee Smith #46, 478 Saves, Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo, and Bob Feller HOF 62.

Last row – Cameron Maybin #24, Jeff Conine, Tony Perez, Dan Uggla #6, and Jim Abbott 9-4-93 No Hitter!!

Sweet, huh???

Just wait until you see what I have planned.  I should be able to unveil signed ball #21 in the coming days.  And from there I have 3-4 other things cooking as well…

Stay tuned.  You’re not going to want to miss this!!!

4 responses to “20 Balls!!

  1. Great collection. Congrats and looking forward to new additions.

  2. Nice! I have a Gabe Kapler to trade. Interested?

  3. Awesome collection, I love displaying these thing, they look awesome and Impress all my friends that come over

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