Wicked Goodies!

By now, Alfredo and I don’t trade cards with one another.  If we find something that we know the other guy would love to add to his collection we just pick it up and put it in the mail.  He has established himself as one of the best traders in our blogging community, and his blog ‘My Past Time…. I Love It’ has become a daily stop for me. 

And while our collections overlap just a bit with our fascination with the Florida Marlins, it has been nice learning about the guys that he collects as I pick up cards of them for him.  And in the past year, he has sent me some incredible stuff featuring my favorite players.

And this latest shipment is no letdown…  Chock full of cards of 3 of my favorite players from the 1980s.

Check them out:

 3 beautiful cards of Rickey Henderson – 2 from his playing days and a 2002 Diamond King celebrating his time(s) in Oakland.

2 great Eddie Murray cards – the Orioles card is my favorite from this great group of cards!!!

And last but not least, 6 more Andre Dawson baseball cards.  If I had to guess, I would have to estimate that Alfredo has sent me between 50-60 cards of ‘The Hawk’ in the last year.  And each and every one of them are cherished and stored for eternity in my Dawson collection!

Thank you for adding some more great cards to my collection Alfredo!!!

One response to “Wicked Goodies!

  1. any time homie!!! card show this weekend at Coral Spring mall just a heads up!

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