Andre Dawson 2005 Donruss Champions – Impressions

Andre Dawson 2005 Donruss Champions – Impressions

If I held a March Madness kind of tournament to name my favorite modern-era Andre Dawson baseball card, this one would be a #1 seed.

Numbered 30/50, this card from the 2005 Donruss Champions set is perfect!!!

With colors that compliment the Cubs’ theme to a tee, this card screams Chicago Cubs baseball.  The retro uniform Andre is wearing along with the knee-high socks he’s wearing look great.  The flags flying across the top of the card remind me of good old Wrigley Field, and that is a wonderful thing!!  Lastly, the Gold lettering and logo work that Donruss added to this card really add a nice sense of royalty to the card.

What do you think?  Can this card take the prize??

3 responses to “Andre Dawson 2005 Donruss Champions – Impressions

  1. Ha…that card does look very sharp. The whole set doesn’t work quite like that one!

  2. Definitely needs a signature in the white. Perfect card for an autograph.

  3. Brian, you should have a March Madness tournament with Andre’s cards. That would be awesome! I don’t think it would be a one seed in my bracket, but definitely a top five seed.

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