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New Player Collections Added To The ’30-YOC’ Arsenal!!!

New Player Collections Added To The ’30-YOC’ Arsenal!!!

It is time!!!

As I get very close to completing my Fergie Jenkins, Darryl Strawberry, and Greg Maddux player collections, I look towards the future to see who else I want to honor that holds a special place in my collecting heart. 

And I didn’t have to look very far…

Here are the next guys I will devote some of my collecting time to:

Ron Santo – Every major brand issue from his playing days.

Paul Molitor – Just the ‘Brew Crew’.  All major brand issues from his days in Milwaukee.

Tim Raines – Expos only!!  All major brand issues from his time in Montreal.

Dale Murphy – Each and every one of his major brand releases from his days in Atlanta.

Orel Hershiser – Dodgers only.  Every major brand issues from his time in LA.

So there you have it!!!

I have already spent some time preparing for these new and exciting additions to my player collections.  The checklists have been built.  My ‘Player Collections’ page at the top of this blog has been updated.  And new links have been added to my ‘Categories’ sidebar.

I am eager to get going on these so stay tuned as I plan to attack these new collecting goals with intense focus and energy!!!

A Pair Of Darryl Strawberry 1987 Donruss Highlights Cards

A Pair Of Darryl Strawberry 1987 Donruss Highlights Cards

Here we have 2 great extensions of the 1987 Donruss base set.  The ‘Highlights’ set took some of the great accomplishments achieved during that baseball season and honored them with a card commemorating that special occasion.

First up we have the highlights card celebrating Darryl’s selection as the player of the month in the National League during the month of September.  With the Mets in a push for the playoffs that would ultimately fail, it was Darryl that carried them through the month of September with hopes of defending their 1986 World Series title.

The second card pays tribute to Strawberry’s incredible home run pace during the ’87 campaign.  Straw finished the year with 39 home runs, a new Mets’ team record.  He would equal that total again for the Mets in the ’88 season as well.

2 great additions to my Darryl Strawberry collection!!!  SWEET!!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Stewart!!!

Dave Stewart turns 53 years old today!!

As solid of a starting pitcher as there was during the late 1980’s, Dave Stewart was the picture of consistency and dominance.

From 1987-1990, Stewart amassed 84 wins and 35 losses – good for a 71 win percentage!  He put the Oakland A’s team on his shoulders and carried them to the playoffs in each of those seasons, culminating in 3 trips to the World Series.  And in those 3 attempts at winning the grand prize, Stewart and his teammates were victorious in 1989 when they swept the Giants. 

Dave Stewart is and will always be one of the pitchers that I enjoyed watching in my youth.  His dedication to the sport, and his professional approach were admirable.  A soft-spoken man off of the field, on the field he was strictly business and his silent leadership resulted in 5 trips for his teams to the World Series.

Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart.  A true class act!!!