A Great Stack Of Eddie Murray Cards From Another Loyal Murray Fan!!!

1 thing I have been very surprised by while getting re-acquainted with the hobby of baseball card collecting is how many loyal Baltimore Orioles fans still exist.  For a team that has been on the outside looking in on their division for the past 20+ years, the Orioles have maintained a very strong base of fans in the collecting world. 

And while some of their young stars of today are worthy of attention, it is their superstars from decades ago that still get tons of admiration and respect.  From Brooks to Frank to Cal to Jim and to one of my favorite players from the 1980’s – Mr. Eddie Murray!!  Collecting Murray was an easy choice for me.  He put together rare skills and made himself into one of the best hitters this sport has ever seen.

And I am not alone with this view.  Jon from the blog ‘The Fleer Sticker Project’ agrees as well.  He, too, is a Murray collector and when he saw that I had finally completed my collection he offered up a few more Murray cards that did not fit my original realm of my player collection.  And of course I jumped at adding more cards of Eddie in his wonderful old-school O’s uni!!!

Here are the gems that Jon sent my way:

And just for kicks, he threw in 2 Jim Palmer goodies too…

A perfect mix of old and new – these cards are going to make a fantastic addition to my tributes to my 2 favorite Orioles players of all-time!!!

Thank you, John.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!

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