Spoils From Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Spoils From Super Bowl Sunday!!!

I teased you a few weeks ago by telling you that ‘Super Bowl Sunday Is A Great Time To Shop On Ebay”.

Well, the wait is over and I am finally able to show off the goodies that I picked up on that night.

The Cards:

1972 Topps Joe Morgan

1972 Topps Willie McCovey

1972 Topps Jim Palmer

1972 Topps Frank Robinson

1974 Topps Lou Brock

1974 Topps Ken Griffey – Rookie Card

1974 Topps Joe Morgan

1975 Topps Bob Gibson

1976 Topps Rod Carew

1976 Topps Joe Morgan

Pretty nice huh??  All great-looking, vintage beauties from the 1970’s.  I was and still am very excited to be adding these cards to my collection.  And so many of them are in close to mint condition too!!!

I accomplished a few things with these pick-ups too.  First, I added another missing card to my Jim Palmer player collection – the 1972 Topps base card.  And I also helped work towards one of my 2010 collecting goals of adding more vintage/Hall of Famers to my collection.  Picking up cards of Willie McCovey, Joe Morgan, Lou Brock, Rod Carew, Bob Gibson, and Frank Robinson are making my tribute to the guys I cheered for and read about as a kid really special for me.

Hmmm….  What is the next big event that may be a great time to ‘steal’ some goodies??  July 4th???  Stay tuned.

5 responses to “Spoils From Super Bowl Sunday!!!

  1. Great cards. I have all but one.

  2. those 72’s are great!! Love those!!

  3. Great stuff, you picked the right night!

  4. Absolutely correct – Super Bowl night is the time to shop for cards and memorabilia on eBay. It’s like black friday for collectors – everything gets discounted.
    Great score.

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