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Ron Santo And His Glorious 1961 Topps Rookie Card!!!

Ron Santo And His Glorious 1961 Topps Rookie Card!!!

I’ve drooled over this card way before I declared myself as a Ron Santo player collector.

I have always enjoyed the 1961 set and its basic design.  The Santo card offers us a nice, large photo with Wrigley Field and the visiting team’s dugout in the background. 

And then there is the Topps ‘All-Star Rookie’ logo.  Santo played in just 95 games during the 1960 season, but his efforts were solid enough to earn him a 4th place finish for the NL Rookie of the Year award and a spot on the Topps ‘All-Star Rookie Team’.

It’s not too often that a player’s first major brand issue features such a nice achievement!!!

I’ve got to get myself one of these  – a 2010 goal for sure!!!

Ron Santo – From The Field To The Booth

Ron Santo – From The Field To The Booth

After an incredible 15-year baseball career, Ron Santo retired from the sport he loved as a kid and played professionally as an adult.

After retiring, he kept busy with other business ventures in and around the Chicago-land area.

And in 1990, the Cubs came calling.  This time they wanted him to be part of their broadcast team.  Santo has a undenyable love for the game, the Cubs, and the sport’s history.  His enthusiasm and passion were evident from his very first broadcast.

And now, as we approach the 2010 season, Santo is primed to start his 20th year as a member of the Cubs’ broadcasting team!!! 

Ron Santo And That Damn Black Cat…

Ron Santo And That Damn Black Cat…

I don’t believe in hexes or hoaxes or jinxes.  But if you ask any of the players on the 1969 Cubs or Ron Santo about the night that a black cat crossed his path as he stood in the on-deck circle and you may get a different reaction. 

What resulted next was one of the biggest flops in major league history – a heart breaking tale for all Cubs’ fans!  The hated Mets, who were down close to 10 games, put it into over-drive and slowly pushed past the Cubs all the way to the World Series title.

Ron Santo’s Jersey Waves High Above Wrigley Field

Ron Santo’s Jersey Waves High Above Wrigley Field

On September 28, 2003, the Chicago Cubs retired Ron Santo’s #10.  He was the third player in Cubs’ history to receive that honor – behind Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.  Since then, Ryne Sandberg, Fergie Jenkins, and Greg Maddux have all had their jerseys retired by the Cubs as well.

Not bad company at all.  Nope, not too shabby…

Ron Santo Has A Beautiful Signature!!

Ron Santo Has A Beautiful Signature!!

Penmanship counts.  In elementary school we were graded on our ability to write clearly.  And while we all would/could do well if we took our time, being rushed and sloppy is not going to help your cause.

It really looks like Ron Santo takes time with each signature he provides.  Personally, I have 3 autographs of his – a book, a ball, and a card.  And all 3 look great!!

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  Anytime you can read out the name clearly, it is a good thing!!

Ron Santo Was A 9-Time All-Star

Ron Santo Was A 9-Time All-Star

While Ron Santo played in the shadow of both Ernie Banks and Billy Williams during phases of his career, he still earned the respect around the league of being the game’s premier third baseman.  An incredible defender with a powerful bat, Santo’s skill set was not matched by many. 

9 All-star appearances in 15 years is a major accomplishment!!  Especially when there are other guys on the same team getting a ton of attention as well.

Santo’s all-around game and ability to remain healthy throughout his career at one of the hardest positions made him a fan favorite in Chicago as well as around the other National League cities.   

Oh, and I just love this card!!!

Ron Santo Delivered 342 ‘Longballs’

Ron Santo Delivered 342 ‘Longballs’

When you’re on a team that features one of the greatest power-hitting infielders of all-time in Ernie Banks and one of the sweetest lefty strokes in the game’s history of Billy Williams, it is tough to stand out as an offensive threat!

But that is just what Ron Santo did.

He crushed 342 home runs during his 15-years in the big leagues.  While he never hit more than 33 in any single year, Santo reached double figures in 13 consecutive years while also eclipsing the 25 HR mark 8 times.

Ron Santo Has 5 Gold Gloves!!!

Ron Santo Has 5 Gold Gloves!!!

Ron Santo was an elite defender during his playing days in Chicago.  Whether at home or on the road, Santo put his body on the line each and every time a play needed to be made at third base.

From 1964-68, Santo won 5 National League Gold Glove awards.  And when you talk about the greatest defensive third basemen of all-time, Santo has to be in the discussion right behind Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt.

Happy Birthday Ron Santo!!!

Ron Santo turns 70 years old today.  It’s amazing how well this guy has aged – he looks like he’s in his mid-50’s at the most!

One of Chicago’s favorite sons, Ron Santo enjoyed suiting up for the Cubs for 14 years as a player and now for close to 20 years as a radio and television broadcaster.

A popular player on the field, Santo was an All-star 9 times during his 15-year career.  And today he is as popular as he was during the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Santo!!!