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Mike Schmidt 2005 Upper Deck Classic Materials Game Used Jersey Card

Mike Schmidt 2005 Upper Deck Classic Materials Game Used Jersey Card

A game-used jersey card of Mike Schmidt – YES!!!

The colors of this card look great.  The border color is an almost perfect match for the Phillies’ batting helmet that Schmidt is wearing in this photo.  And even though the swatch of jersey used on this card is a rather boring, White one, it looks great on this very colorful baseball card.

An excellent addition to my collection!!

Andre Dawson 2005 Playoff Tools Of The Trade – Red

Andre Dawson 2005 Playoff Tools Of The Trade – Red

Since adding more of the 2004 Tools of the Trade cards to my Dawson collection is a longshot due to scarcity, I figured picking up a few from the 2005 set would appease me.  And it worked!!

I love these cards!!

Numbered 125/250, this beauty is the ‘Red’ version to this multi-colored set.  The design is impeccable, and I find these cards as irresistable today as I did when I first ran into them months back.  Between the great use of color, excellent image choices, and powerful graphics, the ‘Tools of the Trade’ set is a favorite at ’30-YOC’!!! 

Greg Maddux 1992 Bowman

Greg Maddux 1992 Bowman

And here we finally have it.  More than 30 cards into my Greg Maddux collection and I finally got a card of the ball sailing from Maddux’s hand towards the batter! 

There is only so much you can do with cards featuring pitchers(especially from guys in the AL).  But anytime you get a card with a picture of the ball flying through the air it is a great break from the ‘Ho-Hum’ that pitchers often offer us.

And while the 1992 Bowman design is far from brilliant or unique or delightful, this card earns an A+ for having an incredible photo!!!

I am thrilled to add this ‘Bad-Boy’ to my collection!!!

Did You Know…

In 1979, Willie Stargell and Keith Hernandez became the first and only players to ever share the MVP award.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’