Greg Maddux 1992 Bowman

Greg Maddux 1992 Bowman

And here we finally have it.  More than 30 cards into my Greg Maddux collection and I finally got a card of the ball sailing from Maddux’s hand towards the batter! 

There is only so much you can do with cards featuring pitchers(especially from guys in the AL).  But anytime you get a card with a picture of the ball flying through the air it is a great break from the ‘Ho-Hum’ that pitchers often offer us.

And while the 1992 Bowman design is far from brilliant or unique or delightful, this card earns an A+ for having an incredible photo!!!

I am thrilled to add this ‘Bad-Boy’ to my collection!!!

One response to “Greg Maddux 1992 Bowman

  1. I have to agree, those POV shots of pitchers from behind home plate with the ball seemingly flying straight at the camera are always great. I also love shots of the ball leaving a hitter’s bat or fielders just as the ball is arriving at their glove, or just as it’s leaving their hand.

    So many shots JUST miss these moments, and are really dull as a result, like the photographer just managed to miss all the action.

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