‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #45

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #45

1982 Topps – Card #711 – AKA – ‘The Dave Henderson Rookie Card

Dave Elder – A 2-year veteran that appeared in just 19 big league games, Elder was used very sparingly during his brief career as a major league baseball player.  Spanning 2 seasons, Elder pitched a total of 25 1/3 innings.  And in that time he gave up 23 hits while allowing 15 runs.  His career record of 1-3 includes an ERA of 4.62 along with striking out 26 and walking 18.

Dave Henderson – Better known as ‘Hendu’, Dave Henderson enjoyed a successful 14 year career.  A member of 5 different teams, Hendu’s greatest accomplishments came during his playing days in Oakland when his mighty A’s team battled for the World Series championship year after year.  A member of ‘The Bash Brothers’, Henderson crushed 197 career home runs, with 104 of them coming during  his 6 years with the A’s.

Reggie Walton – Walton’s career as a big leaguer lasted just 3 seasons and 56 games.  Used as a utility outfielder, Walton was never able to find full-time work and he oftentimes found himslef as a back-up to the back-up player.  Walton left the sport with a .250 batting average along with 26 hit, 2 home runs, 9 RBI, and a career batting average 0f .250.

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