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Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Uncirculated Autograph!!!

Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Uncirculated Autograph!!!

Andre has a small handful of certified autograph cards issued in 2009.  All were issued very late in the year, and prices skyrocketed immediately following his Hall of Fame election.

This card is made by Topps and is tagged as ‘Uncirculated’.  Issued in a heavy plastic case, and sealed with some certified holographic tape, this card has ‘never been touched by human hands’.  And while this card is not the best looking one issued of the few that came out in 2009, it is a great addition to ‘Ultimate Dawson’


New Source For The ’30-YOC Did You Know’ Series…

New Source For The ’30-YOC Did You Know’ Series…

Amazingly, I have posted 100 baseball related factoids in my ‘Did You Know’ series – all using the same source.  During that stretch, I have learned a ton, re-remembered quite a bit, and fallen deeper in love with baseball and its amazing history.

Thanks to ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’ and its 500+ pages of baseball enjoyment for giving me the idea to share some of the fun tidbits I found in the book.  If you’re in the mood to be entertained with great stories, fun facts, and odd tales, this book is a relative bargain.

And now that I have completed going through the book(4 times with 4 highlighters), I will keep my ‘Did You Know’ series running and begin to share tales from a book I received on Christmas titled ‘Big League Trivia’.  Full of stories, in-depth coverage, and baseball knowledge, this book looks to be another winner as I have already highlighted a handful of stories to share and I have yet to complete chapter 2.

Stay tuned.  ‘Did You Know’ will march onward and upward!!!

1988 Score Orel Hershiser

1988 Score Orel Hershiser

I cant’t hold my feelings back when showing off a card from the 1988 Score set.  With their premier issue that came out more than 22 years ago(WoW!!), I was hooked.  I loved and still love the card’s design, color scheme, and crisp pictures.

I recently picked up this card featuring LA Dodgers hurler Orel Hershiser.  Again, I cannot get enough of these.  Here is ‘The Bulldog’ in the middle of his delivery giving it his all.  Even an expensive, high-tech camera cannot keep up with Hershiser’s pitching motion.

I got to thinking…  While the Yellow border is nice, how cool would this be if it were a ‘Dodger-themed’ color scheme.  Give me a Dodger-Blue border color with White stars, player name and position and brand logo.  And for the little diamond behind Orel’s nameplate, make that a subdued Blue that is just a few shades lighter.

Any way you slice or dice it, this is a great looking card of one of the best pitchers from that era!!!

Oh, and check out his Puma spikes too!!!  🙂

1969 Headline – ‘Mickey Mantle Retires’

On this day in 1969 Mickey Mantle retired from the game of baseball.  A legendary player that spent his entire career in New York as a member of the Yankees, ‘The Mick’ was as iconic of a figure in sports as there was.

The funny thing was that Mantle replaced the great Joe DiMaggio when DiMaggio retired from the game.  The fans did not accept him right away as they missed ‘Joey D’ and thought that he could never be replaced.

I will not argue as to which player was the better of the 2, but what I will say is that when Mantle retired after his 18 seasons as a Yankee his numbers were incredible.  With his .298 career average sitting alongside 536 home runs and 1,509 RBI, Mantle solidified his annual All-Star status.  Although his numbers dropped off significantly towards the end of his career, he still managed to be a fan favorite in the Bronx. 

I’m sure that the 7 World Series Championship titles he helped the Yankees achieve didn’t hurt his image either…