Did You Know…

Todd Ziele owns the MLB record of hitting a home run for the most different teams.  His 253 lifetime homers were spread among 11 different teams – Cardinals(75), Cubs(9), Phillies(20), Orioles(5), Dodgers(38), Marlins(6), Rangers(30), Mets(41), Rockies(18), Yankees(6), and the Expos(5).

 **factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’.

My take – I always liked Ziele as a player.  And based on his productivity above, it appears that most major league GM’s did too…

2 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. And he was great in ‘The King Of Queens’ Well at least the one or two episodes he was in.

  2. Watch out Zeile, Matty Stairs is gaining on you. If Stairs hits one for the Padres this year, he will tie Zeile at 11. Unfortunately for Stairs, he did not hit one in 38 AB with the Expos to start his career. Otherwise, Stairs would be going for the record.

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