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Reggie Jackson 2005 Fleer ‘Classic Clippings’ – Jersey Relic Card

Reggie Jackson 2005 Fleer ‘Classic Clippings’ – Jersey Relic Card

I feel like I stole this one.  I paid just $2 for this bad-boy.  $2??  Yes, just $2!!!

The card looks great but there is some very puzzling data presented making me wonder what jersey this little swatch may have been cut from.

My notes:

  1. Reggie played for the A’s twice during his career – at the very beginning and at the very end.  Clearly this picture was taken from his final stint with the team. 
  2. In the lower right-hand corner of the card, right below the piece of jersey, is the number 9.  Reggie wore #9 at the start of his career.  During his second stint in Oakland he wore #44.
  3. The note on the back of the card states: “game-worn jersey, worn by Reggie Jackson, outfielder for the Oakland Athletics”.  Notice how it did not say while playing for the Oakland Athletics.
  4. Reggie played for 4 different teams during his career and all of them wore White home uniforms – The A’s, Orioles, Yankees, and Angels.

No matter how you slice or dice it, this card is a little puzzling.

But what is not puzzling is how thrilled I am to have a card featuring a piece of Game-used jersey by one of the greatest sluggers of all-time, Mr. October – Reggie Jackson!!!

A prefect compliment to my collection!!!

A Very Impressive Stack Of Modern-Era Jim Palmer Cards…

A Very Impressive Stack Of Modern-Era Jim Palmer Cards…

While cruising around Sportlots.com last week looking to secure some new cards for my player collections, I also spent a few minutes trying to seek out a few Jim Palmer cards as well.  With my want list in hand,  I struck out(no pun intended) at each card I found.  But I did find some modern-day Palmers – and they were relatively inexpensive.  I grabbed one, and then another, and soon it was five, and finally I stopped myself at 10.

Here they are:

As the modern-era cards continue to grow on me, I don’t mind adding more of them to my player collections.  And of the bunch, my favorite card in this handful is the 2004 Fleer Greats(Row 2, right) one.  The card has a nice, vintage feel to it and it offers an image the we normally don’t get to see of a pitcher on a baseball card.

Paul Molitor 1988 Score – Highlights

Paul Molitor 1988 Score – Highlights

In their debut issue, Score included a small set of baseball cards commemorating the biggest accomplishments that occurred during the 1987 season. 

Of them is this card that honors Paul Molitor and his amazing 39-game hit streak.  Starting on July 16 and running up to August 25, Paul Molitor elevated his play to another level by collecting hits in 39 straight games.

In baseball’s incredible history, there have been just 6 streaks of longer length!!

Worth every ounce of attention, this is a great card and Paul Molitor deserves to be ‘Highlighted’.

2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000” – Robin Yount

2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000” – Robin Yount

Date of entry into “Club 3,000” – September 9, 1992

The Story – At home, and in front of 47,000+ Brewers’ fans, Robin Yount made baseball history as he joined the ‘3,000 Hits Club’ on this day.  Late in the season with playoff hopes slipping, Yount and his Brewer teammates were facing the Cleveland Indians.  Yount’s only hit of the game, a single, came in the bottom of the 7th inning off of Jose Mesa.  Yount made history with that hit and the Milwaukee fans showered him with thunderous applause!!

Baseball History – Yount finished his career with 3,124 career hits.  He currently sits in 17th place on the All-time hits list.