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Reader Robert Offers Up 97 New Cards For My Player Collections – AWESOME!!!

Reader Robert Offers Up 97 New Cards For My Player Collections – AWESOME!!!

97 – Are you sure?  Maybe you meant 9 or 7, but definitely not 97…  Wrong!  Robert did in fact send over 97 cards off of my needs list and here is proof:

And when you break the stack down by player, here is what you get:

In this package was 29 Dale Murphy cards.  27 of them 29 were needed for my tribute collection to Murphy!

He also sent me 23 card featuring Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.  And of the 23, 19 of them were on my ‘want list’.

The largest group of cards I received was of Tim Raines.  I got 33 cards, 28 of which were new additions to my Raines collection.

Lastly, there were 31 Orel Hershiser cards in this great package – 23 of which fill a need on my Hershiser checklist.

Robert, I cannot thank you enough for your supreme act of generosity.  This stack of cards gives me a great jumpstart for all 4 of these player tributes I have decided to build.

I have a package headed your way that should help you towards completing some of the sets you’re working on. 

Thanks again!!  WoW!!!

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #47

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #47

1965 Topps – Card #533 – AKA – ‘The Tug McGraw Rookie Card’

Danny Napoleon – Napoleon’s career spanned just 2 seasons and 80 games.  An outfielder, Napoleon found it hard to break into the Mets’ lineup on a regular basis.  Primarily used as a back-up or replacement in late innings, he only made 142 plate appearances during his playing days.  Napoleon has a career batting average of .162 along with 21 hits, 7 runs scored, and 7 RBI.

Ron Swaboda – A true ‘fan-favorite’, Swaboda’s career lasted 9 years – and all of them were spent in New York.   Splitting time between the Mets and Yankees, Swaboda saw decent success with both teams.  His greatest accomplishment was being part of the 1969 World Champion ‘Amazin Mets’ team.  In that series, Swaboda hit .400 as he collected 6 hits in 15 plate appearances.  He also scored a run, drove in a run, and drew a walk. 

Jim Bethke – Undefeated, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!  Bethke made 25 appearances for the New York Mets during the 1968 season – and he is undefeated with a career record of 2-0!!  Bethke was used as a middle and long reliever, and eve though most of his statistics have inflated numbers, he can always claim to be one of major league baseball’s undefeated  pitchers!!

Tug McGraw – McGraw pitched in the big leagues for 19 seasons.  Splitting time between New York and Philadelphia, McGraw earned a 96-92 record.  Primarily used in relief, McGraw did find himself as a starter from time to time – and he as 5 complete games and 1 shutout to his credit.  McGraw is a 2-time All-star and was on the 1980 World Series winning Phillies.

Dale Murphy 1985 Fleer

Dale Murphy 1985 Fleer

‘Hey Dale, can you tell that old-timer in the Phillies get-up to get out of my shot, he’s ruining it’, said the photographer.

Come on.  Is this the best image that Fleer had of Murphy for their 1985 base set?  We saw a ton of posed photography on our baseball cards during the 1980’s but it always seemed like some kind of appointment was made to get that ‘special’ shot.  For this one, it is just a ‘Ok, stand there.  Ok, we’re done’ moment and it sucks!!

I am happy to have this card for my Dale Murphy collection.  And I am equally happy to throw it in a top-loader and file it away!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Carter!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Carter!!!

 World Series hero Joe Carter turns 50 years old today!!!

Carter’s tremendous home run that won the championship for the Toronto Blue Jays in 1993 still remains as one of the greatest plays I have ever witnessed in sports.  The moment that baseball fans around the world dreamed of is what Carter delivered – a walk-off game winning hit!!!  I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush that he felt as he rounded the bases while realizing this goal had been obtained.  

I think it’s safe to say that Joe Carter jumped for joy for all of us on that night back in ’93.   I know that I kind of felt like I was flying in the air alongside him as the world watched.

Happy Birthday Mr. Carter.  And thanks for the amazing memories!!!