Tim Raines 1986 Fleer

Tim Raines 1986 Fleer

I cannot tell if the photographer had Tim’s attention in this shot or if he was told to not look directly at the camera.  And to be honest, I don’t think that it really mattered wither way…  the card kind of stinks!!!

You all know that I am a sucker for old-school uniforms and logos, but even 2 prominent Expos logos cannot save this card.  The photo is way too ‘zoomed-in’.  And the fact that the seats over Raines’ shoulders are empty doesn’t help matters.

Instead, I will focus on the positive and share some of his season highlights from 1986.

  1. .334 batting average(career high)
  2. 194 hits(career high)
  3.  91 runs scored
  4. 70 stolen bases
  5. 60 strikeouts in 664 plate appearances
  6. 6th All-star selection
  7. 1st and only Silver Slugger award
  8. Highest finish in MVP race – 6th place

Ah, that’s more like it!!  I’m good again…

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