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1969 Topps Billy Williams – FINALLY!!!

1969 Topps Billy Williams – FINALLY

It feels like I have been chasing this card around for decades…  I guess that is actually true since I started my Billy Williams collection when I was 14 years old.

Anyway, I have always loved the ’69 Topps card of Williams.  The man known for having one of the sweetest lefty strokes that the sport has ever seen is holding his pose for the photographer – and the shot came out great.  We also get to see that old ‘Cubby’ logo on the shoulder of Billy’s jersey – I love that little bear!!!

While just in my collection for less than 24 hours now, this card of Billy Williams quickly ranks as one of my favorites.  I am thrilled to add this beauty to my collection that honors him!!

2 Greg Maddux Cards And A Glass Of Orange Kool-Aid!!!

A few weeks ago, I posted a plea for help in completing my Greg Maddux player collection.  With just 5 cards left to go, I was hoping that a reader or two would have what I needed to get this set done and would be willing to offer it up to me.

Well, David did just that.  The author of the blog ‘Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid’ was one of the first readers to reply and send me an email offering me some help.

Well, help has arrived and now I have 2 more cards and am just that much closer to completing this tribute to Greg Maddux.

The Goods:

First up is the 1989 Fleer – Baseball MVP card.  Second is the 1992 Fleer Ultra Award Winners – Gold Glove.

2 great cards – 2 great additions to my very close to completed Greg Maddux player collection.

Thanks again Dave!!

Dale Murphy 1982 Topps

Dale Murphy 1982 Topps

Can the photographer get any closer, jeez???

One has to wonder with the technology of the early 1980’s how close the person that shot this picture was to Murphy.  And shame on Topps for releasing this picture as part of their baseball set.

Bad, bad, bad…

2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000” – Dave Winfield

2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000” – Dave Winfield

Date of entry into “Club 3,000” – September 13, 1993

The Story – Playing for the Twins and at home, Winfield entered this game with 2,999 hits on his resume.  With just 3 weeks left in the season, this was a match-up of a 6th and 7th place team so it was a relatively small crowd of just over 14,000.  But for those that showed up, they got to witness baseball history!!  Winfield collected 2 hits in the contest, both singles, in this 13-inning marathon.  Hit #3,000 came off of fellow Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley in the 9th inning.

Baseball History – Winfield finished his career with 3,110 hits.  He presently ranks in 19th place on the all-time list.