1954 Headline: Aaron To Start In Place Of Injured Thomson

1954 Headline: Aaron To Start In Place Of Injured Thomson

And this is how one of the greatest careers in major league baseball started…

During Spring Training, Braves’ outfielder Bobby Thomson suffered an ankle injury that was going to keep him off of the playing field for an extended amount of time – Enter Henry Aaron!!!

Nobody knew what to expect, and there is no way that anyone would have predicted that Aaron would become a 21-time All-star, league MVP, and the game’s ‘Home Run King’.  But that is just what he did.  Hank’s career resume is as impressive as they come.  A member of both the ‘3,000 Hits Club’ and the ‘500 Home Runs Club’, Aaron’s offensive skills were impressive and due to his ability to remain relatively injury free throughout his playing days, his numbers are some of the greatest ever by a player from any era.

Aaron won one world championship with the Braves in 1957. 

He is and will always be considered one of the greatest hitters in the sport’s history.  He is a true ambassador of the game!!

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